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Nothing bad.
Still just stand in awe of the Lord.

This is concerning the situation with the 16 year old.  The day after I proposed marriage to m'lady and she said yes, this thing come over me.  You need to write to that lady.  Not my lady, the mother of the girl that the 16 year old is in "love" with.

I knew what I would write so....I fought it.  I didn't think she would receive it.  Why bother.  But I finally gave into this compulsion - I couldn't get past it - and wrote a rather lengthy message to that woman.  I had sent her a friend request which she had accepted and then she wrote me a nice birthday note on my Faceboook wall.  I said thanks and then asked if it would be okay to discuss a situation with her - didn't want to go into that in detail on my wall for obvious and numerous reasons.

If you really want to know, the "message" when printed out completely fills two full pages of type to the very end.  It covered the…