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Things moving right along.
I put in to my company a few weeks ago a request for a job transfer if one is available.
Apparently, the industrial branch in Longview is considering creating a position for me and the waterworks division in Shreveport is considering the same thing.
The Longview branch does not need a driver, however, so I would be stuck in a warehouse.  Which I wouldn't mind so much, but there is talk of pay reduction.  Have to see how much of a pay reduction it is before I can give an answer to that.  I would far rather work at the Longview branch, though, the drive to Shreveport would be 50 minutes each way.  A lot of driving just go get to and from work.

Anyway, that all just started happening yesterday first with an email from my GM to my manager about it, then a call from someone at our corporate headquarters and then a call from my GM.  At least they are trying, I mean really trying.  So that's cool.

And if you somehow thought there was any lapse with kid dr…
Could have sworn I posted something since Friday, the last entry on here! Must be a saved draft, lol.

M'lady is in full love mode, lol.  If it wasn't already before, it definitely is now!
We are longing for the day that I can move out there and let's get this going.
But, I need a job and income first. I don't want to move there and then try to find
a job - if possible anyway - I would rather have one secured before this happens.
In fact, it's really the next thing in line for me.  Job job job.

Meanwhile at home. 16 year old has chilled quite a lot.  Situation with the girl's parents has totally changed so now he gets to go see her or she comes to m'lady's house basically twice a week - Saturday and church on Wednesday.  The boy was begging me to go to church with them tonight - yes I know I am not there yet but I give m'lady my opinion on things and she listens to that a lot and that boy has finally figured that out.  Cause' I definitely do N…