Friday, February 21, 2014

Things moving right along.
I put in to my company a few weeks ago a request for a job transfer if one is available.
Apparently, the industrial branch in Longview is considering creating a position for me and the waterworks division in Shreveport is considering the same thing.
The Longview branch does not need a driver, however, so I would be stuck in a warehouse.  Which I wouldn't mind so much, but there is talk of pay reduction.  Have to see how much of a pay reduction it is before I can give an answer to that.  I would far rather work at the Longview branch, though, the drive to Shreveport would be 50 minutes each way.  A lot of driving just go get to and from work.

Anyway, that all just started happening yesterday first with an email from my GM to my manager about it, then a call from someone at our corporate headquarters and then a call from my GM.  At least they are trying, I mean really trying.  So that's cool.

And if you somehow thought there was any lapse with kid drama, well, you thought wrong.  Latest flap was yesterday when the 17 year old - who moved out a month ago - came out of school with the 16 year old and decided that his mom was going to take him to her house so he could get some stuff and then she would take him to work.  He doesn't live with her anymore, he lives with her dad.  He wanted to leave because he basically hate her, yet here he is, deciding that she has to take him to work!

A fair amount of cussing and yelling ensued with the ensuing conversation between the two.  One of the subjects that came up was about me.  He won't text me anymore and this and that and the other thing.  Yes, before he left I was texting him and trying to talk to the boy.  But, he is full of anger and hate and it's kinda hard to talk to someone like that when you don't get any kind of breakthrough at all. But persisted anyway - until he left.  He was calling her a bitch and a list of other names and a few other things happened so I just stopped texting him after he left.

I had to ask her when we were discussing this yesterday: If he wanted to talk to me so badly, why didn't he text me?  It's not like he tried to text me and I refused to answer, nothing like that at all.  I wouldn't do that to him - or much of anyone else for that matter.  She replied he isn't like that and he wont do it.  So I said fine, I will text the boy but I doubt he's going to like what I have to say.  So I did.  It was quite lengthy and it was about his anger issue.  It was referring to the fact that even though he no longer lives with his mom, he is still acting out with her, yelling at her, cussing at her and what is with that, anyway? I sent it Facebook message so I would know if he read it.  You know, you send a private message when a person sees it there is a message at the bottom with a check mark and it says "seen" and the time it was seen.

Because I figured he would not respond to it and no, he did not.  M'lady wanted to know what I said to him, so I just copied and pasted the entire message to her - I really wanted to do that anyway so he could not come along and make accusations of what I didn't say they he would try to say that I did say or that he could try to claim I wouldn't contact him.

So that's that.  Meanwhile, the 14 year old is getting worse and worse by the week, even by the day. Today, he is refusing to go to school.  Well, call the school and let them know so it doesn't come back on you, is what I told m'lady.

Another entry started - though this morning - just don't have time to finish.

Could have sworn I posted something since Friday, the last entry on here! Must be a saved draft, lol.

M'lady is in full love mode, lol.  If it wasn't already before, it definitely is now!
We are longing for the day that I can move out there and let's get this going.
But, I need a job and income first. I don't want to move there and then try to find
a job - if possible anyway - I would rather have one secured before this happens.
In fact, it's really the next thing in line for me.  Job job job.

Meanwhile at home. 16 year old has chilled quite a lot.  Situation with the girl's parents has totally changed so now he gets to go see her or she comes to m'lady's house basically twice a week - Saturday and church on Wednesday.  The boy was begging me to go to church with them tonight - yes I know I am not there yet but I give m'lady my opinion on things and she listens to that a lot and that boy has finally figured that out.  Cause' I definitely do NOT side with him all the time. When he is acting like a bastard, he can go jump in an icy cold lake and I let him know that in no uncertain terms.

So I laid it on the line for him before I even spoke to her about it: You will have that girl over to your house on Saturday and you will have her go to your church on Wednesday and that is non-negotiable.  Okay and totally! he replies.  Okay then, but any attitude and I'm going to be pissed.  You treat your mom nice and that's that.  His reply was: "Okay:) thanks bro I love you!! "  I cannot remember any 16 year old boy telling me he loves me excepting my own son.  Of whom we say I love you to each other every time we speak.  Life is short and can be gone so fast, I always tell my boy how much I love him and how proud I am of him for what he is doing with his life.  I'm liking all this love stuff.  From her mostly, lol, but still.

So today?  She is telling me what her 12 year old boy did in the kitchen.  According to her 10 year old boy, he whipped "it" out playing with it in front of him and then pee'd on the floor.  That isn't just disgusting, that is reprehensible and a form of rebellion and definitely disrespect.  I was in shock. "That boy needs a leather belt laid on his ass".  That was my first thought.  That was my second and third thought as well.  She can't do it.   I won't be able to, either even when we're married since not my adopted son.  Of course, I COULD hold him down for her to do it!  I'm serious.  I will be out there hopefully at the end of next month.  Not a 7 day visit, I just don't have the vacation hours available for it.  But as much as I want to be with my babe I also want to have some discussion with the 14, 12 and 10 year old boys. I already talk to the 16 year old on a daily basis and though it's not the same as talking in person, our whole relationship has been through texting and Facebook messaging, so no biggies there.

I do have my work cut out for me and I do believe she believes that I will put an end to the s*** in the house. Yup, it will stop.  But it may get really ugly at first.  Cause' me?  I do not tolerate rebellion from stupid kids that walk all over their mother because they know she can't do anything about it.  It's the way they treat her that really pisses me off.

Well, anyway, work busy all 3 days this week and looking forward to a very busy day tomorrow and Friday as well.  In fact, on Friday, I have to go back up to the store in the mountains with that dude keeps offering me food and then dissing me.  This time I am just going to politely say no thank you.  At this point, I will not take food from him even if he has it in his hand.  He has crossed the line and I just don't want to go there.  Thank you, but no thank you.

I did not have a chance to finish this one, posting it anyway.

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