Monday, February 24, 2014

So, as the situation with those older boys usually goes, more developments.  The now moved-out 17 year old started talking to m'lady's ex and telling a bunch of s***  lies about what I was saying to him.  The problem - well one of the problems with her ex anyways - is that he always  believes his kids over her! I mean really?  Then when he contacts her with the lies and she goes through all this rigamooroo trying to explain to him what the reality is versus their version of truth is, he always ends up apologizing. Well get a clue dude! Geeze!

Fortunately, I had already copied and pasted the entire conversation to her before he ever called she knew everything that was said so he could just simply put his stupidity down.

The boy texted his mom today demanding a ride to work - that after he sends me an elongated reply to my message to him about how he doesn't get along with his mom, doesn't like her and doesn't want to be around her. ?!!!  Seriously.  These kid's minds are SO screwed up!  This all the doings of ex feeding their minds with the idea that mom is going into menopause so she is going to be wild and messed up for the next few years and that she doesn't cook and clean up after all of them and a lot of other stuff.

She refused to bow to it - I didn't even have to help her with that one - he is still yelling and cussing at her, it's ridiculous.  He needs counselling, that's all i can say about it.

Meanwhile, looking for airfare for next trip out there.  Pretty much $283 round trip to TYR from PHX.  Leaving on a Tuesday after work and taking 3 days off.  I'm kinda adamant that I keep at least 40 hours. I was going to only do 2 days but we are engaged now, I am going to take 3 days off plus weekend. Leave on the day before so it's 4 full days and the day I have to leave well not so much but oh well. I am hoping maybe I can just move out there long before we get married, she already found a decent place for me to live and my dogs can stay on her land and I will be over there every day after work so they will adapt.


A couple of days since I started writing that one.  The 17 year old never did reply to me, which isn't shocking so just letting that one go again - I hadn't spoken to him in quite some time, my replies to him are undoubtedly not things he wants to hear, so whatever.  The 16 year old goofed up last night and after discussing it with him (via text messaging) I ended up coaching him on how to make the situation better.  Asking for forgiveness is not always easy to do, perhaps it is never easy to do but some situations are more difficult than others.  After he did what I suggested - without going into details here because I don't think it appropriate - everything really was quite better.

Regardless, it's Monday morning, almost time to leave for work.  My plans to do much of anything  are basically on hold until  I hear back from work and find out whether they are going to be able to offer me position over there or not.  I hope it doesn't take them too long to figure this out one way or the other.  If not, I need to start figuring out the businesses over there that might have good benefits packages and start sending out applications.  I've never really done anything like this before.  I mean, once I just gave everything away and went to the mission field, but this is different.  I don't have that much stuff so no biggies on that department but I do have to find a job and uprooting myself and attempting to make this happen, well, I'm just relying on God to help me make the next steps.

Anyway, off to work.



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