Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So today I am driving the semi back to the yard.  My company phone rings, I hate answering the phone in that truck when I'm driving because the hands free device they got for it is a piece of garbage. You can hardly understand anything anyone is saying, it is so garbled.  Well I answer the phone before the computer thing tells me it's = answering it = and I hear this voice with a very distinct twang to it, Southern twang.  I've lived in Texas and I've been all throughout the South.

Which didn't mean I knew who it was, I missed the first part of what he said cause of the computer voice but I heard his name is Matt. "You having any luck finding employment in Longview?".  ??? No, I haven't even looked, I said, I am waiting to find out if I can find something with the company first.  I would rather stay with Ferguson than to have to move onto something else. I'm thinking, who is this? But I'm taking the bait cause' he knew too much.  Well is there anything with the Longview branch? Okay, gotta be a dude from my company, no, I replied they don't have anything from what I'm hearing.

"Well, we're definitely interested!"  I'm putting the exclamation marks on there because this guy was really enthusiastic about getting another CDL driver and one that isn't afraid to work and whatever my management told him, it was already a done deal.  We had a good conversation and I was all over it - but so was he.  "Well, you are a CDL driver, right?". Yes, I am.  "Well you can driver tractor-trailer rigs, right?" Yes, I can, lol.  "Well okay, we get people in here that say they can and then we find out they can't".  Well, I can drive just about anything, but if you want to ask my management I'm all good with that.  "No, I believe you, lol, just that we've had so many that say the can and then turn out to be nothing".  I'm talking to you from the cab of my truck, I've been driving the thing all day long in city traffic.

There is nothing else I need to write about today, though there certainly is more.  I just have a hard time nowadays finding time to write in this journal and also everything else that is going on!  But I am elated, if I get a job offer there, even if a long drive, I don't have to worry about getting over there now. I can deal with a long drive adding an hour and 45 minutes to my day or probably less since I tend to drive fast, just to get over there and if I find it too much, at least I am THERE, getting a paycheck with health care coverage and won't have to be pressed to find something.



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