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So today I am driving the semi back to the yard.  My company phone rings, I hate answering the phone in that truck when I'm driving because the hands free device they got for it is a piece of garbage. You can hardly understand anything anyone is saying, it is so garbled.  Well I answer the phone before the computer thing tells me it's = answering it = and I hear this voice with a very distinct twang to it, Southern twang.  I've lived in Texas and I've been all throughout the South.

Which didn't mean I knew who it was, I missed the first part of what he said cause of the computer voice but I heard his name is Matt. "You having any luck finding employment in Longview?".  ??? No, I haven't even looked, I said, I am waiting to find out if I can find something with the company first.  I would rather stay with Ferguson than to have to move onto something else. I'm thinking, who is this? But I'm taking the bait cause' he knew too much.  Well is …