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Welcome to the land of iPhones.  I am actually getting the hang of it much faster than I thought I would.  There are some things I get hung up on but still, I can definitely use the thing.

Back to the Texas ranch.
12 year old boy acting like an ass today.  Everyone getting on his case because of it.  So I'm just getting home from church and hearing that he wants to talk to me.  Okay.  M'lady puts him on the Ipad and connects to FB message and here we go.  But it was taking too long, put him on the phone with me, this is going to take forever doing it like this!

So on the phone for an hour.  Yes, with a 12 year old boy.  Telling me about all of his life's troubles and how people pick on him both at home and at school. I'm not necessarily that sympathetic, I was told long before that age to just deal with it......go get in their faces and beat the snot out of them.  Yes, even coming from my mother.  In other words, whining about it ain't gonna get you nowhere. But I …