Sunday, March 9, 2014

Standing down on that one.
She was upset with herself about something that occurred between us.
I just brushed it off, said I am all good with it and then continued on like nothing had happened.
Well, you know, after a pretty good discussion that she wanted to have about it, lol.
She calmed down, was all good and now we are ... all good!

Gotta date to interview with manager of Shreveport store on the 28th of this month at 1:00pm.  I was glad that he wanted to see me on Friday, I can get that behind me - for better or worse - and move on to doing other things. The 16 year wants to have a bonfire but mom said no, wait until I'm there.  I dunno why but whatever, it's cool.  They have a HUGE pile of junk to be burned.  It is sitting out in the middle of a huge field with nothing around it thankfully, no chance of catching anything else on fire.  I mean, I am going to get pics and video of this and post it here and on FB, it should be cool to watch it go up!

And then I decided we are all going to go bowling, all 6 of the kids plus his girlfriend and obviously my future wife and I.  That should be a hoot, those kids don't get to get out much and do anything like that.  It's kinda expensive to take that many kids - much of anywhere to do much of anything - but I do believe that when we are married, with her income from programming plus my income plus child support we should be doing very well.

Meanwhile, at the home front, I decided to tackle my walk in closet yesterday.  Major disaster. I spent 2 hours plus and got maybe 2 feet into it.  I have no idea why I let it get so bad in there, but now? I gotta get it cleaned out, chuck what needs to be chucked, keep what I will move out there with  me and give away whatever I don't want that is still good to use.  One thing that was very nice: I found a gold mine in change in there.  I haven't even unearthed all of it yet and there is at least $200 in change in a large plastic container that I brought in just for that purpose.  I am pretty good at guessing close to what I have in change, I did a coin op candy business for quite a while, you get a feel for what you have.  I have at least $100 in my other contained that I have been dumping change into for quite a while so I have some spending money for the trip, woohooooo!

That closet is the last major thing I have to get done.  When it comes time to move it won't take terribly long to get stuff boxed up and get out of there.  I may move into one of the other bedrooms before moving happens so I can get that rented out, need the income to break even on the house.  So yeah, I will be feeling good about that once I get it done and I am going to work on it every day until it's accomplished.

I have also decided to take all my large Koi fish with me.  They can be put into a very large plastic container, get a couple of air pumps going in it for the drive and then put them in the large upper pond once I arrive.  They will love it!  And they are too big for those ducks to do anything with plus most of them are smart enough to stay away from such. I am guessing at least a couple of my favorites will still come up to me if I come up with Koi pellets and start feeding them.

And with that, I am hopeful that this is my last "visit" out there.  I am hoping for a job offer, get my stuff in order and get OUT of Phoenix.  There will be very little that I miss about this place, some things/people yes, but not that much.  I will definitely not miss the intense heat.  Yes, I know the area I am going to has higher humidity but they don't get anything even close to as hot as Phoenix is and I am guessing they do believe in AC over there, if they don't guess I'm in for a warm ride!  But Shreveport average temps in the summer are going from low 90's to mid 90's  I suppose that could be hell if they have high humidity. Well, I don't have a job offer yet so no use going too much into that, excepting to say that they are using a temporary driver right now and they are happy to wait until I come out and see if it's a good fit.  Corporate probably gets a little pushy about it, too, though. They are all for keeping people within the company, especially someone that has been there for a while.

I may get higher pay but it is a proven fact that it is much cheaper and easier in the long run to keep a good employee than it is to start fresh with someone new.  So, I got in on that one just in time.  The one in Longview, not so lucky, they had just hired their one and only driver. Who knows though, from what I am hearing they have a hard time with employee retention over there. I did not hear why that's the case, but if I'm being paid well I can pretty much overlook a lot of crud, keeping that in context with what goes on at the branch I am at now and also with our main branch downtown.

Time to go take a shower and get ready for church!



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