Monday, March 17, 2014

16 year old hasn't quite figured this out yet.
Which is okay, I am a patient person - though I don't like to be played, pushed and otherwise toyed with.
Especially by teenagers. Hmm, well maybe adults are worse, they mosty are cognitive of the bs they are committing when they are committing is, many teenagers are oblivious to such but still, they know they are playing people just not exactly the effect it has on such.

But, I expect that from a person that thinks he can run around a person that isn't actually there.  Unfortunately for him, I am in communication with mom pretty much all day long and definitely when I need to find out if something is going on - such as the boy playing games.


Started that this morning. Situation changes rapidly as time progresses and not even that much time!  He contacted me today: "so, I have to ask about going over to her house and everything now?".  Yes, you do.  We had a long discussion, very long, about that and other things  I then called m'lady and ended up talking to a 6, 8 10 and 12 year old.  Plus the 16 year old and the 17 year old that moved out.  Yes, this is fairly time consuming but I really want to establish a relationship with these kids as much as possible before I even get out there.

Well anyway.  Work and then talking on the phone all day and then texting some more and now the 16 year old's girlfriend's mom is messaging me.  She thinks we hate her.  We don't but she's done some things that were out of line, things that she should have contacted m'lady about and asked permission to do before doing it - granted given m'lady would have told her no.  I am letting this lady know in a nice way but still down to brass tacks about what we expect of the 16 year old when he's over there.

So, life it taking more and more interesting twists and turns......and I would love to write more about it.....but for now? It's time to go to bed!



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