Thursday, March 20, 2014

A week away from my departure date to go back out there for 5 days.  I wish it could be longer but that's not possible.  Main objective: get a job. Second: spend time with m'lady and third would be to simply have fun with the kids.  Considering there will be a trip to some science museum; a bonfire with a lot of guests; bowling; a pine derby at their church; going to church on Sunday and whatever else?

Well it should be fun, yes, but I may come back from this next trip a bit tired!  Especially since I won't be walking in the door until almost midnight and then have to get up for work the next morning!

My slow progress almost has come to a stop this week with trying to get ready to move.  Not that I have a date yet but I want to be ready. The reason is a bunch of kids and their mom, lol.  Though yesterday was more consumed by the 16 year old than anything.  He first got himself into trouble for not texting me once he arrived at church.  After he got home, we talked for quite a while.  I mean, the situation with the texting  was dealt with quickly.  It then turned in to serious stuff.  I don't really have any friends. Why not? Because I'm weird.  Why do you think that?  Because  don't smoke, do drugs, drink and I am a virgin.

This conversation went on for quite a long time - but - though he feels strange because everyone else apparently is doing all that - especially losing their virginity at a young age - he doesn't seem to care what they think about him, he found a girlfriend that is like minded and they do not want to do that.

Well anyway, 2 hours of that and then off to bed for me, got nothing done on that closet and I just have to shut the phone off for a day or two and get that thing done or else put the phone on speakerphone and talk to her like that while working, cause' I need to get that project done and behind me.

So darnit, I want to get that done after work today! Except I found out I am supposed to go to a hockey game with family tonight! Yikes!



Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...