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I have nothing going on over at my house that even comes close to the amount of stuff that goes on over at m'lady's house!

Today?  I get text from her: water heater is leaking, how do I drain it out?  Spigot on the bottom dear, hook up a hose and drain it out that way.  She and 16 year old - I think I'll just start listing his name since he's basically my stepson at this point, well not officially but since he's my responsibility - his name is Josiah - He has a Facebook page if you know m'lady's last name which at least some readers do you can simply type in Josiah and his last name and it will come up - are trying to get the thing to drain out.  Easier for me to deal with if I'm there, but basically the valve wouldn't open to drain it.

Yes well that's what happens when you don't open it up at least once a year and drain as much of the sediment out of there as possible so that it doesn't rust out the tank and also cost less to heat - so …