Sunday, March 23, 2014

Got everything out of the closet, vacuumed it and threw away 3 very large trash bags full of stuff - junk - papers - things I will never use. Putting what's left back in, with stuff that needs a round 2 - like couldn't decide on round one but round 2 stuff is stuff I could sell at a yard sale or on Craigslist, not stuff I would just trash.  Still, I have whittled that down quite a bit and by the time I have everything ready to move, I do not expect it to be a huge amount of things. My computers; guitar; clothes; pics and trinkets; just nothing that is going to take up a huge amount of space.

Which is why I am gawking at the cost of moving stuff long distance.  It's called being reamed and since I have time to try and figure this out, I figure I am going to see about my options.  $250 to have a hitch installed on the car and $150 for a trailer, got $400 going there instead of a grand and we are all done with that.  Maybe, anyway.  I dunno. Still got some stuff to sort through but my gosh this was terrible.  I am not completely done yet just on the downside and probably another hour and I can wrap it up. A couple of boxes of books that I need to go through, but that's just plain not going to happen today.

Meanwhile, m'lady and the situation over there. Josiah was acting like an ass this morning and I'm tired of it.  He goes to his girlfriend's house and acts like an angel and then comes home and acts like a demon.  It's really that bad.  He has replaced his mom with his gf's mom and it's just intolerable, I've had enough of it and I am calling him later on today after I get a chance to think about it and get what I need to get said to him in my mind.  That boy can out talk anyone. I mean in terms of words being spewed out and the rapid-fire pace he can shoot them out with, I am not including any amount of appreciable intelligence to go with that.  One of those people that speaks before they think.  I refuse to get dragged into a competition with him, I'll just let him wear himself out saying what he has to say and then I'll start in on him.

So, Lynnette informed me that when I leave, she is taking my mattress out of my bedroom.
Ummm, okay. No, I am not taking any of that with me. Won't have room for it.  Hopefully finding a place to live temporarily, presuming I am out there before we are married, that already has a bed.  She is checking at church, I will find something if not.


Very long interlude.  I worked on that closet all day long today.  It's done.  I have a few small boxes of stuff to go through but nothing major.  I am going to shift my attention to other things now that I need to go through and continue on until I am pretty much sure I have most if not all of it covered and getting ready to actually move will not be a big ordeal. Find boxes, pack stuff up, go.

So today.  Wow.  I mean, I was texting on and off with her and with Josiah all day long while I was getting all of this stuff done. Thanks to Fin for the advice on using the microphone to speak your message on text, it works pretty good as long as you speak clearly into it.It messes up sometimes but the benefits far outweigh the cons in this case, at least for me.   I can actually text on that new phone pretty darn fast but not near as fast as just talking into it!

So the 12 year old.  I bought him a bike almost 2 weeks ago and had it sent to Walmart.  Not an expensive bike but his bike fell apart.  But this kid! Has such a whiny, grating attitude. He was saying al kinds of sh** to his mom today and she actually went out of her way to go pick that bike up for him.  NO. I suggested this: silent treatment.  Yeah, she actually went through with it, and yeah, as I expected, the kid ran through the gamut of bs and talking trash about both me and her and I just said keep quiet. Talk to anyone else, treat him as if he doesn't even exist.

Not over yet.  Nope.  He declared he was going outside to put the bike together, I texted Josiah who was working in the garage cleaning it up: get that bike and bring it in with you and don't let him touch it.  He texted back: yeah, no problem! and he didn't let that kid do anything with it. M'lady, however and expected, was having a hard time giving the boy the silent treatment.  I understand though it would be much easier for me to do if I were there. Put up my right hand: talk to the hand, cause' nothing else wants to hear it!  I stuck with her on this one until she went to bed - 2 hour time difference.

Then :I called Josiah.  I am getting tired of the texting only relationship, especially when there are issues.  I told him earlier today I wanted to call and talk to him about something.  But later on, he asked about the new workout routine I gave him - he finally found his dumb bells so now we up this thing considerably.  So that conversation went on about the new routine, didn't even get into the issue I wanted to deal with.

Later, I asked him in text if he was available? Well,I'm done working out going to bed soon. Yeah right. 9 o'clock there,highly doubtful,he is still showing online on his facebook account and it's nearly 11 there. But he was like no,I want to know!  Well we got into a long texting situation and I regretted it.  I should have just called him, much easier.  But it was a good discussion - even though he got very defensive - and we are at least on the way to trying to resolve the problem.

Back to home, I am very happy with myself that I actually got that closet cleaned out.

And with that? It's Sunday night, bedtime and I need to get to sleep.



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