Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'll tell you what.  I get all caught up in everything that's going on and then suddenly realize that this is Tuesday and I'm flying out to Texas on Thursday.

What significance does that have? Cause I have to be ready to go by tomorrow night and there are numerous things that I need to get done.  When I get home from work on Thursday it will be to turn around and leave for the airport.  Wish I could just drive straight there but geeze, the cost of airport parking is outrageous.  I'm not even that far, about 6 miles - too far to walk but far enough to get dumped with an outrageous fee for a taxi as well.

Oh well. I'll get it all done. Wanna take all that change in and see how much I have.  That's a portion of my spending money, gotta be at least 150 there if not more.  I don't really need a whole lot of money - help pay for gas, a round of bowling and some food and drinks for the bonfire.  Oh, an donuts.  The little girls love the donuts and ask her every day if I am going to be bringing them. lol.

Oh, and it's the girl's birthday on Friday! Well one of them the other a week before or something. Having a birthday party for them as well.  Yikes.  THis is going to be one busy trip!

HUGE day at work today, lots of stuff to do, thankfully.



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