Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One thing that  a person living in Maricopa County should never do: get on Sheriff Joe's s*** list for "deadbeat dads".  I am not a deadbeat dad and never have been, but if you forget to pay child support, well, you know.  I'm about to take off out of town and realized I hadn't sent that out yet, oops! Well not an oops if I get it sent out in time, but still.  Okay, probably wouldn't happen having one late payment, but still.  Pretty much coming up to the end of the line on the child support payment train and I am gong to research it and try to get a court date before I move to get this resolved once and for all.

Susan comes out 20 minutes ago demanding to know how to reset the wireless router.

I'm not sorry to say that first thing in the morning?  You do not come out with an attitude with me and start cranking about the internet.  I said something to her and then proceeded to unplug the thing and leave the cord laying there - plug it back in in 15 seconds (if you plug it right back it, it won't reset it).

Yesterday.  Was trying to get this third and final song down. I'm a good way there and have enough time to get it by the time we are going to do our little performance.

I also got mad at Josiah, a thing I have been trying to avoid which ended up in a long, drawn out conversation  He was acting like an ass with his mother, but telling me he wasn't doing anything.  I'm sitting there thinking, have I lost it? She is telling me one thing and he is telling me something completely different.  I re-read all of it and said no, I am siding with her, he plays people against each other if it will benefit him.

So I stuck it to him and after he continued to say he wasn't doing anything, that's when I started getting irritated and probably went overboard with it.  To the point I ended up having to apologize to him for over-reacting, though at least he finally admitted at some point that he was being stupid and then apologized to both me and his mom. She was in a very bad mood yesterday, kids were fighting and cranking all day long and apparently that set (well, the little ones that stay home with her) her off with Josiah and the rest of the older ones and then discussions about what he was going to do tonight for church.  They got into it and took it completely out of my hands.  The whole point of giving him over to me was to eliminate that junk between them, well one of the points of it anyway.

Whatever.  New day.  Gotta get my clothes packed and things ready to go.  Taking a carry on piece only, they want $25 for checked in luggage and I refuse to do that, not this time or last time either, it;s a waste of money and I am only there 5 days.  I can pack enough clothes into that small suitcase to last me.

Anyway, I'll be busy after work that's for sure, I was yesterday too trying to get stuff done.



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