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Strandeed in Dallas, Tx.  This is no fun.  Plane took off late in Phoenix. Why?  Because the freaking jetway was STUCK to the airplane.  They couldn't dislodge and ordered all passengers off of the airplane.  I am not going to try and fix the errors that this keyboard is giving me so that's my excuse in advance.  Anyway, a third of the plane FULL of people got off and then they said get back on! Well, you know how people are, some anyway, well a lot, oblivious to the world.  Take your sweet old time, take 2 minutes to put a bag into an overhead bin that should take you 5 seconds at most.  It cost us in time, we were forty five minutes late leaving.

When we finally landed, I had thirty minutes to get off that plane, get on a tram and get over to the correct gate.  Nothing was working.  People who didn't have connecting flights were instructed to stay in their seats to let those that didn't have connecting flights off first.  No-one cared, of course so since I was near t…