Monday, March 31, 2014

The disgust of it.
Oh and my disclaimer: this keyboard not working all that great and often inserts more than one e!

I walked into the boy's bathroom - this is a HUGE house and it has four bathrooms, one of which is between 2 bedrooms and not accessible by the hallway.  It's between the 2 boy's bedrooms.  2 sleep in one, 2 sleep in the other.  The girls sleep in a bedroom across the hallway.

That bathroom? Disgusting.  I mean absolutely disgusting.  Words fail to describe the repulsion that came into me when looking at that gross bathroom, especially the shower room that has the shower/tub and the toilet.  It was worse than gross.  I mean, personally? I would refuse to take a shower in that bathroom much less do much of anything else in there.

You don't understand. There were cut pubic hairs in the sink.  I mean, I about threw up on that one.  Not just a few, I mean the sink was full of it.  The floor was abominable.  But it was the bathtub and the walls around the toilet that made me want to puke.  If that bathtub had been cleaned in the last 2 years I would be shocked.  It was soooooo gross.  Vile. Repulsive. Sickening. Disgusting. Revolting.

I decided to do an experiment.  I would scrub that entire bathroom down - walls, floors, toilet, bathtub/shower wall, clean it up to the point that I would even take a shower in there and then not only see what their reaction was to having a clean bathroom - but also impose some pretty stiff penalties if they decided that they were going to let it slide again.  Penalties not yet decided except for Josiah - he is the oldest in the house and he should be setting an example.  \

It took me an hour an a half to clean just the small side room to the bathroom that has the shower tub and toilet in it. I am not making that up.  I scrubbed that entire tub and wall set up FOUR separate, complete times before it was finally gleaming and looking good.

The ten year old boy was with me the entire time.  He made no fuss.  3 plus hours of it and he was working his ass off.  I was impressed.  But in his case it became apparent that there was much more to this than just wanting to help.  He was clinging to me like flies on a stick strip.  Everywhere I went. I cooked up 2 huge racks of ribs on their grill today. Slow cooking, this was after we were done with the bathroom and I was not going to start anything else, there would be no time to finish it and I didn't want to leave things half done.  So after I got them on there and got it going, I decided to take a nap on the couch in the HUGE living room.  I laid down on the couch, he got on the other end facing me and that was that.

Amazing what a little attention can and will do for a person that gets none of it, whatsoever, from his own dad.  He slipped twice today calling me dad instead of Ben.

Well, there was much more that happened today, MUCH more but I am so tired.  It's late and I think i am going to go to bed instead of writing out a much longer entry.  Try to finish this tomorrow. Flying out of here tomorrow evening, no fun.  Getting home late and then having to get up and go to work the next morning.  Don't mind but I am guessing I am going to be very tired.

Anyways, g'nite.


Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...