Monday, April 7, 2014

So, sitting at a pipe company notorious for making drivers wait for an eternity.

Called the corporate lady this morning.  This is basically my last shot at getting the position in
Shreveport. If they don't want to listen to corporate then they ain't gonna listen to nobody.  That's good English right there, btw.  No, I didn't call her, sorry I emailed her.  Good thing I did too cause' she wouldn't have answered the phone, she isn't in today due to sickness.  Neither is the manager in Shreveport due to the same thing.

Regardless, she said she would get right on it the first thing as top priority as soon as she gets back into work.  Imagine that, she's answering emails when she's sick and not even at work!  Now that's the kind of response I expect to get from our company, not this situation where the manager doesn't even bother to return a phone call.  If she can't get it done then I give up.  I also asked her to contact the location in Longview, they never contacted me about a position and I would at least like to know what is available and what pay they might be able to offer.

So, with all that, I am not getting my mind into moving out of my bedroom and into my son's old room.  I actually don't have a ton of stuff to move because I am leaving most of the furniture in there.  That only leaves clothes, guns, etc.  I don't really want to do that though until I have a job offer out there, cause I like my big bedroom and private bathroom!  So really no rush to do that.  I mean, yes I will have to take everything out of that bedroom to get the carpet professionally cleaned, but it won't really take that long.

Still a lot ot figure out here as well.  Like how to get my stuff over there without spending a fortune on it.  Not that many options besides putting a hitch on my car and buying a small trailer to haul everything over there.  Not sure about that yet.  I figure if/when I get a job over there that will put a sense of urgency on all of this and I will then go into high gear and get all of this figured out and done.  Until then, I see no reason to do much of any of that.  Just gonna bide my time.  Hopefully corporate lady can get the ball rolling and get me some kind of answer - hopefully a positive one.

That's all I can do now, except ask my management for my application.  Which I think I will wait on until I hear back from corporate lady and see if there is any hope.

That's it.  Just another Monday.  No deliveries but lots of pickups so at least I am busy.

K so I changed the appearance of my blog.  I don't think this one looks so good so going to try a different one later on.
Regardless, start of another work week.  I have decided I am going to call that store manager once a day until he picks up the phone. If he tells me to go bug off then whatever, but I am going to get some kind of reply out of him. Kind of childish/immature for a branch manager to be blowing off a person that he invited to come talk to him and who went well of my way to get over there and get it done.

As it stands, he wasn't even there when I arrived, which ain't the end of the world but perhaps it's also something to do with the culture over there.  Who knows.  One way or another, he IS going to give me an answer.  Doesn't matter, I have found other interesting job prospects over there including hauling oil off of rigs and hauling some of material off of flatbed trucks, just need to get my application from my work so I can have correct date of employment, which for CDL drivers is mandated by federal law.

That's it.  This week starts the beginning of a fairly crazy situation with different people coming in every single day of the week to manage the store.  I can't do it because I am the store's driver and can't deal with whatever comes up at the store itself if I'm on the road, otherwise this wouldn't even be an issue.  I'm guessing they are going to have to recruit someone from somewhere else.  Regardless, I was finally given my own password to the new truck routing system so I don't have to have the main warehouse manager lording himself over me.  He isn't my manager, he doesn't work at my store and his input is completely unnecessary and I don't want to have to wait on him to get stuff done.

Another thing on my agenda: get a court hearing and get this child support junk figured out.  I should be either done or close to done with it, I need a court to give a clear definer to that. I am tired of paying it and I believe I have actually overpaid what I owe at this point.

Well whatever, the start of another work day looms, must be outta here.



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