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Hmmm, I wrote this post but didn't post it, it ain't finished but I wrote too much to just let it sit as a draft.

So far, the corporate lady has contacted the Longview branch and found out they are just dragging their feet on it.  The branch manager made a submittal to the GM some time ago and it's just lagging.  She has not spoken to the waterworks manager in Shreveport. I expect she will be able to get that done in short order and I expect to hear some kind of answer - good or bad - in the next day or two.  So it would be nice, at least concerning Shreveport, to get a definitive answer so I can make plans - yes I am moving to Longview, or yes I am going to start submitting applications all over the place.  Simple as that.

I did not get drawn for cow elk.  I submitted my application in time, it just didn't happen.  Probably just as well, I most likely won't be living in Phoenix by the time the hunt begins.

As for her/kids.  Well today, she's all happy, lol.  S…
I contacted the corporate lady today - I decided to ask her if she had heard anything because now my management is wanting dates and I can't give that to them without getting a job first.
She got on it, called the man, who apologized for not getting back to either of us and told her he would "reach out to him" today.
Well it's past 5:00 pm and that's their closing time so going on 2 weeks of this now.


Friday morning. Even though he told her he would call me, he did not, even though he told her he would.  I'm going to try to call him today and then if he doesn't answer, I'm washing my hands of it.  I will let my GM know - who just happens to know this man's GM - not to get me a job but perhaps that management over there would like to know how this guy is operating.  Definitely NOT the way our company expects it's management to deal with people, this I know for a fact.

Our company's big competitor is aliv…