Saturday, April 12, 2014

It is done.
It kinda is not so great the paycut I am going to have to take to get out there, but they are going to have me do overtime so it will make up for it. The point is that I now finally have the ball rolling, I can start figuring out dates and trying to get my stuff ready to move.  Lots to deal with, as anyone can imagine uprooting yourself and moving twelve hundred miles away, but I think I am up for the challenge.  I think, lol.

I almost told that guy no, though.  I was like, why do I want to take a pay cut? Especially that much.  But heck, I want to get out there, I'll have a job to go to, if it doesn't work, I will find something else!  But dang they have such good health care coverage and the cost is extremely low compared to many other plans I have seen, that helps make up for it in itself. At the same time, driving one hundred miles a day and the fuel costs incurred with that will take a biet out of my income.  Oh well, I committed, I'm done with this, I need to move on with this.

She didn't like the idea of OT but i was going to end up with that regardless of the pay.  I mean, do you want me out there?  That's what this boils down to.  If I'm going, I'm going as soon as I get ANYTHING that works, and I can definitely make this work, at least until I figure out what kind of expenses she really has and what we really need for income on a monthly basis.  So yeah.

The boys had a much more elated reaction. "Dude sooner like start packing your shit!!!! Lets go!! Hurry please.." That was after I had just told him - Josiah - that I had gotten a job transfer and he said Awesome!!!!! and asked when i was coming, to which I replied a month or so! The ten year old has been missing me since I left and the fourteen year old with the problems said he can't wait til I get there. The twelve year old could care less, but hey, three out of four ain't bad!

So now?  sell the car, do something with the fish, open up a bank account for Mark and Lynnette to deposit tenant payments into, etc etc etc.  Selling the car is a big one.  I need that money to move.  I hope it sells and at least within the next few weeks.  I have decided the only thing to do is put a trailer hitch on my car, get a small trailer and that's it.  Someone online said the best option if you are going to try shipping something and as long as tihngs are too large is through Greyhound!  Really? I would have never even thought of that one.  maybe I could ship some stuff in advance and that would leaev more room on the trailer.  I don't have a LOT of stuff to take out there, but there are \some things I don't want to leave behind.  Tools, clothing, guitar, computers, etc.  I am thinking of taking some of my larger Koi, too. I've had several of them for what, four or five years now? I would like to keep a half dozen of them and I can ship them with an air pump that can run off my power converter.  Run a small extension cord to the back of the car.

She wants me to sell fish and start over here.  I could for the extra money, I guess, but I would rather not have to sell all of them. Maybe a few, I could get a couple hundred bucks out of selling three or four of them.  If they would even sell,. Well they would, but people would try to talk me down on price.

Dunno, lots to think about! I need to give my management a definitive quit date and that's hard!  I'm trying to figure this all out and not get bogged down in attempting to decide what's going to happen when, i guess if I give a date that's going to do it! Git'er done!  Woohoooooo!

Speaking of Mark, he is ALL messed up.  He got hit by yet another car yesterday.  He came into the house limping badly.  I mean, BAD His hand looks like it's broken. His ankle is all swollen up.  He has lacerations, road burn and cuts all over his body. He refused to go to the hospital last night, even after I said I would take him. I don't get that guy.  I would be like, yes, take me, now, thank you!  Whatever, he went to urgent care this morning but I'm guessing they will just tell him to head on the emergency room at the hospital.

Whatever.  Fish will be hard to decide on but I'll get that figured out, heading back to Auto zone, the battery should be recharged by now and then get Caleb's car going and put it up for sale. He doesn't want it.  I said fine, but are you sure? I'll keep it if you don't. Didn't say anything about using it for moving money, if he needs the car i will figure something else out.  But he was decided on it: no, just get rid of it.  Okay.  Bought a thermostat for my car and will be installing that today or soon, before i take Caleb back up to the mountain camp anyway.  I know it's bad just because of the way the temp goes up and down at various intervals while on long trips.

Okay, I'm stoked.  just gotta get the momentum going and keep it going until I'm ready to get out of there.  I gotta get out of my room and get it rented.  New guy already stated he wants it at the price I want to rent it for if George and Susan don't.  Wow! That's pretty cool!  Don't even have to go outside of the house to get that done!  he has a ten year old daughter that comes over to visit.  Good girl, not rebellious, loud, stupid and and whatever, so I'm okay with that.

Well, time to get out of this place, I am sitting at a restaurant, was eating lunch, attempting to take all of this in. What have I gotten myself into?!!!  But dang, it's time for a change of life!



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