Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The die is cast, the ball is rolling, the momentum is up and barreling ahead full steam now. I am fully committed.  I sent out mass email to all individuals that need to know at my company this morning my intended leave and arrive dates and that was the end of this.  The manager in Shreveport said he was good with it, my GM here said yes, it will work and forwarded the information to the corporate lady that does the actual transfer of my info from one logon to another, it is finished. They already have my position up for grabs on the company intranet site.  Could I turn this back now? Yes, I could say this thing went to hell in a handbasket and I need to stay.

And they would let me, since no-one has actually taken my position yet.  But boy, would that be uncomfortable after all of this!  Yes.  But I'm set in my mind anyway.  I want this to happen.  Just some things that must occur before at most a few weeks is up.  Namely, selling that car.  It's my finances out there.  Yes I could borrow/figure something out, but I don't want to go into debt on this.  And I'd like to get that hitch sooner than later and get it installed on that car and also find  a trailer for it - but can't find a trailer until I get the hitch!  I just posted another ad, this time with pics of the car.  And lowered the price 50 bucks to take it out of the range it was in.  It's a good running car and it's less than a grand, someone's gotta want it!

I'm so wrapped up now not just in her life but the kids it would be pretty devastating for me if this didn't work out for whatever reason.  Yet, at the same time, I know how life can work. Still, I have prayed over this and had others praying and talking to my pastor, gotta believe this isn't a dead end here at this point.

Anyway, I have found a receiver hitch online for $140. It's bolt on so no welding necessary.  I might be able to do that myself.  Still would have to get the slide-in part and the ball.  Looking at about $200 total. Then a trailer, have found several on Craigslist that would do, highest at $150. $350 the most I would pay. Would have to drive the car out there anyway, so fuel was already going to be a part of this - though we all know that it will cost more in fuel economy to pull a trailer. No biggies, that's how I was going to get my dogs out there, in my car so I have to drive it, not have it shipped and fly out there.  The only real hassle is that I will definitely want to spend a night at a hotel and I know there are places that allow dogs, I don't know which ones. I guess a search online will hopefully give me a clue about that.

Well, anyway, it doesn't help that I don't feel well and the clock is ticking plus I want to get to court and try to figure out how much I have left owing on child support before I head out to texas.

Whatever the case, the work day almost here, g'day.


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