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There is nothing quite as bad as feeling like s*** in the morning. Whatever illness I had came roaring back to life and is kicking my @$$.  What a great time for something like this to happen with a countdown going to get out of Dodge.  I really hope that I get to feeling better today because if nothing else, there is a LONG day at work ahead of me in hauling junk all over the place and that isn't going to be too much fun feeling this crappy.  I mean, really crappy.

I dunno but if this continues I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and just go to an urgent care and get whatever meds they prescribe,  I can't afford to be dragged down when I got a 30 day countdown going to have all my stuff packed or gotten rid of and get out of here.  Not to mention the car ready with that hitch and a trailer.  And trying to sell the old car.

That was yesterday.  I now have a ten year old calling me up everyday.  She gave him my phone number and he…