Friday, April 18, 2014

There is nothing quite as bad as feeling like s*** in the morning. Whatever illness I had came roaring back to life and is kicking my @$$.  What a great time for something like this to happen with a countdown going to get out of Dodge.  I really hope that I get to feeling better today because if nothing else, there is a LONG day at work ahead of me in hauling junk all over the place and that isn't going to be too much fun feeling this crappy.  I mean, really crappy.

I dunno but if this continues I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and just go to an urgent care and get whatever meds they prescribe,  I can't afford to be dragged down when I got a 30 day countdown going to have all my stuff packed or gotten rid of and get out of here.  Not to mention the car ready with that hitch and a trailer.  And trying to sell the old car.

That was yesterday.  I now have a ten year old calling me up everyday.  She gave him my phone number and he calls and then the nine year old girl calls and on and on.  It's pathetic, really, because her ex shows them no attention whatsoever to the point they now tell a man they have only known for eight months that they love me and want me down there and then more love talk.  Ten year old basically calling me his dad now.  Fourteen year old stepping it up quite a bit as well, doing all kinds of clean up work, trying to get the house ready - without anyone even asking him to - for my arrival.

Thirty days until I leave.  I'm feeling a little better today.  I need to get up to ninety percent or more so I can get full throttle on this.  I have had that car listed for days, putting up a new ad everyday and still, only one person responded and he never replied back after I responded to him.  I've lowered the price to the point that if I go any lower, I'll probably just find someone to give it to instead of selling it, though I really need that money to move with.  At the same time, I have several people interested in my Koi and goldfish.  It would be easier to sell them and start over again over there, I have decided.  Just hate to get rid of some of them.  I have  a lady coming over Saturday that may be interested in buying the whole lot of them.

So much for feeling better today. I started feeling like shit not much longer after writing the last tract of stuff and this has gone all day long.
Just not getting enough time to finish!  Anyways, it's Friday morning, spent half the night coughing and hacking, get to go to work! Woohooo!


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