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Easily hands down the worst sickness I have endured in a couple of years at least.  That's because it wasn't just one thing. I started with bronchitis and coughing incessantly alllll day long for weeks but then this week, got hit by the flu on top of it.  Thursday night, a very foul headache took over and continued on allllllll day long yesterday.  I have had zero energy.  I took 3 days off of work.  I was hoping to get anything done towards the move and only on one day did I feel good enough to pack one box.

As I said before, this couldn't have hit me at a worse time.  I should be done packing boxes by now and just doing finishing touches and making sure all duck are in a row, instead, I am no-where near done. It's pressing on  me bad, but there is nothing I can do!  If I am sick, I'm sick, I can't just wish it away and I can't just magically ask for my energy back.  If I start on something, I get tired in 10 minutes and have to go lay down.  I completely…
Wednesday morning.
Yes, I took the day off work.
Probably going to call in sick for tomorrow as well.
I am feeling better, but not that much better.  I mean the coughing is going way down, finally.  After days of coughing twenty-four hours a day at least I can say that much. But I still feel like crud.

Sitting at Denny's waiting on breakfast, didn't feel like cooking but was hungry.  Going to Walmart to get some packing material.  I'm not saying I'm going to start packing today, I just need to have the stuff available for when it finally hits that I am well enough to do something in that arena, cause' honey? The clock is ticking down. It's the thirtieth of April and I am supposed to be leaving for Texas on the seventeenth of May.  That may sound like a lot of time but it really isn't considering what I still have left to go and considering I have been put on hold for quite a while now concerning this illness wiping me out.

Like, go to work drain out whateve…