Sunday, May 4, 2014

I'm dreading tomorrow. I just went to the store, that's all I did, and it hit me good.  Just got drained totally of energy.  I am obviously not over this s*** yet and it's getting REALLY old.  I have been sleeping and resting and doing much of nothing, yet I am still getting hammered by this junk.  But, flu usually takes a while for me to get over and this started on Thursday night so I guess it shouldn't really seem that crazy that I still feel miserable.

It's just that I had the bronchitis before that and dealing with the coughing and hacking, this whole thing has taken it's toll on me.  Cancel plans to get anything done today. I did some earlier but it's toast now.  I'm going to sleep for several hours this afternoon and then go to bed early tonight and hope and pray that I wake up in the morning with at least enough energy to make it through the work day.

I don't know what else to do - nothing.  Just lay around and hope this lifts, soon.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.  Of course I will have to invoke the name of Josiah and then go from there.  He got his driver's license but his attitude has allowed him zero/nilch/nada driving on his own as of yet.  His former employer wants him back.  Christian man, owns a carpet cleaning business and is involved with other dealings, Josiah worked for him before. He called last month asking about having him come back to work - yes but not until he gets his license cause mama ain't driving his @$$ all over creation every day.  If I were there, I wouldn't want to either. Drive your own self, thank you.

So, I had a conversation with him earlier this week about his attitude, work, driving and does he really ever expect to drive while he is treating his mother like so much dog s*** laying on the ground?  In writing, I have an actual promise that he would improve his behavior and to some extent he has.  But not totally, as in this morning.  Having  cow because mom insisted that he wear long pants, not shorts to church.  I don't disagree, at least put on some jeans.  Then made a very stupid statement that if mom drives too close behind him today, he is going to slam on his brakes and force her to smash into him.

Apparently that was a joke, mama didn't like it.  I thought it was stupid myself.  So here I find myself in another conversation with a kid that has been trained to see things very differently in life than most people do, that by her ex.  Like trying to tear a brick wall down with a pair of pliers - long, drawn-out process to try to get him to see things a bit differently.  Of course the conversation went all over the place, including over at his gf's house where he spent much of yesterday.  I assumed I was accusing him of having sex with her and completely blew up.  Enough.  Just not in the mood to banter with a 16 year old that knows everything.  Told him as such but he couldn't leave it alone.

Whatever the case, I did end that conversation after dishing it right back out to him - you wanna keep this attitude up maybe you'll NEVER drive.  That calmed things down considerably.

Back at MY ranch: throwing things out, packing things, putting things aside to give away, a few items to sell.  But that is officially ended for today because it isn't helping me get better, rest and sleep and relaxation are the name of the game for the rest of this day.  Yeah I know, there is a deadline looming and it sucks cause by now I would have already had this junk done and over with, all my possessions I am keeping would have already been shipped and that's that.  Instead, here I am, still sick, feeling better but not enough better to get much of anything done and facing work tomorrow.  They probably wouldn't like me calling in a fourth day off even though IMO I really need it, so I will trudge through a day of work and hope that it doesn't cause me to have a relapse.  But I never remember getting struck with two separate illnesses as the same time anytime in recent memory.

Oh well. I think Duck Dynasty is on, if it ain't must be something.  Go lay down and watch something on TV and doze off.


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