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I'm dreading tomorrow. I just went to the store, that's all I did, and it hit me good.  Just got drained totally of energy.  I am obviously not over this s*** yet and it's getting REALLY old.  I have been sleeping and resting and doing much of nothing, yet I am still getting hammered by this junk.  But, flu usually takes a while for me to get over and this started on Thursday night so I guess it shouldn't really seem that crazy that I still feel miserable.

It's just that I had the bronchitis before that and dealing with the coughing and hacking, this whole thing has taken it's toll on me.  Cancel plans to get anything done today. I did some earlier but it's toast now.  I'm going to sleep for several hours this afternoon and then go to bed early tonight and hope and pray that I wake up in the morning with at least enough energy to make it through the work day.

I don't know what else to do - nothing.  Just lay around and hope this lifts, soon.