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Tuesday.  Energy still hasn't returned.
This got old last week, no description now.
And yes, yesterday stunk.
Excepting I was able to sit around and do much of nothing at work for 4 hours and then a run that took another 4 hours and the day was done.
Today?  Loaded the truck and dragged it out all day long.  I could have gone faster, but why? I got everything done that needed to get done so that's all that counts.

Got home today and went to bed for an hour and a half.
Got up and went to work.
Worked for an hour and went back to bed.
Got up and went back to work. Clock is ticking, gotta get this stuff done and over with.
So it goes.  If I had my energy I would be all done with this now, just looking around double checking things.
Guess the double checking will be next week, goal this week is to get boxes packed and sent out UPS.  One box completely done, 2 more almost done, a 4th half done.  Probably be 6 of them by the time this is over, maybe 7.  Drawers all emptied out.  N…