Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One thing is for certain: If I hadn't taken the time to go through that closet a  few months ago or however long it has been now and sorted through all of it, I would be in trouble right now.  Cause' honey?  I am going through it a SECOND time now, There is probably a 15th of what was in there and I have still been going through it for days, throwing stuff out, sorting stuff for Goodwill and keeping some of it to pack and ship.  I am trying to keep this move down to a bare minimum. But there are things that I don't want to get rid of, sentimental things - that mostly don't take up a lot of space anyway - and stuff I know I will use over there. Such as a 500 foot roll of Cat 5 wire.  Guaranteed I will need that.  It's telephone line basically. It's not cheap, either.  Was going to chuck it and then realized that i am going to need a line run from a wall to my computer.

I far prefer plugging the computer in to the router for my desktop than using and air card - which I don't even have installed on this thing anyway.  Not that I couldn't I just find that direct connection is better and faster than wifi.   That is my opinion and you are, of course, welcome to contest it.  Of course the computer I haven't even decided yet. Well I have decided: It's going in the car with me if I can fit it.  Otherwise? Yup, put it in a box and ship it over there.  $750 computer so definitely worth the $25 it would cost to ship, plus the printer and monitor, which will all fit into one of those boxes I have.

A dry run? Like try to pack everything in there plus room for a giant dog and see how it turns out? I think rear bumper of that car is going to be dragging on the ground, lol.  Fuel mileage will be less but some things I can't ship, such as my guns. Well you can, but you are going to pay a hefty price to do so.  Those are definitely going in the car.  The guitar would cost too much to ship too, so that's also going in the car.  The kachina doll definitely in the car and at least one wall painting.  It was my grandfather's.  Hung on his wall for decades. Beautiful pencil etched scene of two dogs tied together with a chain and a loop.  Hunting dogs.  I mean, it's probably worth money, who knows, I just like it's absolutely gorgeous.  Whoever made that thing was definitely a real artist, IMO, I'm not connoisseur.

Well I dunno, but I am not done being sick yet and it just sucks.  I mean, really?  By the time I am done with work I am totally drained of any energy. I got away with one today as I was informed I would have to take a load clear down to Eloy at 1 pm.  I wouldn't have gotten home from work til' 4 at the earliest.  Well by the time the truck was loaded and ready to go, I called. Oh noooo, we aren't going to be out there that late, by the time you get down here it's going to be at least 3 pm, correct?  Yup.  Not just the drive, but at least 20 minutes at the truck stop to fuel up since the truck is on empty.  There's an hour and a half there, at least half hour unload and an hour back.

I was inwardly saying thank you Lord cause' I did NOT want to do that, not the way I have been feeling. Instead, I got home, took an hour nap and then yes, went to town.  I can't let fatigue from illness stop me at this point, just have to get this done.  I mean, it's the 7th today and I am allegedly leaving on the 17th!  Not if I don't start getting seriously busy I ain't!  I want to be there by the Monday after that and then have the rest of the week, plus the weekend and then Memorial day to get used to a new routine, get settled in, etc etc etc.

Darn.  The people with the cabin/loft thing wrote back.  That thing looked cool!  They said they would take four hundred a month for it as long as I had good references.  Well what the bleep took them so long to write back? Prolly hoping someone would take it at five hundred.  Too late!  Actually the place m'lady found for me is nice and I have no complaints plus it's only 15 minutes from her house, this other place would have been a 35 minute drive.

There's more but it's bedtime.  Get some sleep and get at this again tomorrow.  Hoping to be able to ship all or most of my boxes out on Friday.  Hmmm, maybe I should do it next week.  That way those boxes probably won't even show up until after I get there and then I can deal with it.  Cept' that I want to get tis over with, gag.



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