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One thing is for certain: If I hadn't taken the time to go through that closet a  few months ago or however long it has been now and sorted through all of it, I would be in trouble right now.  Cause' honey?  I am going through it a SECOND time now, There is probably a 15th of what was in there and I have still been going through it for days, throwing stuff out, sorting stuff for Goodwill and keeping some of it to pack and ship.  I am trying to keep this move down to a bare minimum. But there are things that I don't want to get rid of, sentimental things - that mostly don't take up a lot of space anyway - and stuff I know I will use over there. Such as a 500 foot roll of Cat 5 wire.  Guaranteed I will need that.  It's telephone line basically. It's not cheap, either.  Was going to chuck it and then realized that i am going to need a line run from a wall to my computer.

I far prefer plugging the computer in to the router for my desktop than using and air card - w…