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Prized dog picture will fit in car behind driver's sit.  Have it WELL packaged, it will not get damaged. 2 other pics I want I think I will ship UPS, they will also be well packaged though who knows how they will fare ground transportation. Will insure them $250 a piece.  4th I am just going to leave - though that isn't positive yet. If I find time I will get another box and pack and ship it.  It's a about $150 in value.  $15 to ship.  Beautiful pic though.  These 4 pics I have been referring to are large pictures.

Tuesday.  4 days to try and bring this all together. It will be what it will be because Saturday morning? Lord willing?  I intend on leaving. As has become normal for this operation, finding papers seems to be a non-ending event.  I just wish I hadn't got sick - almost a month.  This would have all been done and ready and over with by now.

Whatever the case, found a tenant for Caleb's room - actually Lynnette found the tenant I wanted her to try her ha…