Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Prized dog picture will fit in car behind driver's sit.  Have it WELL packaged, it will not get damaged. 2 other pics I want I think I will ship UPS, they will also be well packaged though who knows how they will fare ground transportation. Will insure them $250 a piece.  4th I am just going to leave - though that isn't positive yet. If I find time I will get another box and pack and ship it.  It's a about $150 in value.  $15 to ship.  Beautiful pic though.  These 4 pics I have been referring to are large pictures.

Tuesday.  4 days to try and bring this all together. It will be what it will be because Saturday morning? Lord willing?  I intend on leaving. As has become normal for this operation, finding papers seems to be a non-ending event.  I just wish I hadn't got sick - almost a month.  This would have all been done and ready and over with by now.

Whatever the case, found a tenant for Caleb's room - actually Lynnette found the tenant I wanted her to try her hand at it - but I sealed the deal.  She was busy dying her hair when this guy showed up!  Cool dude though, think he'll work out unless he leaves quick - marital problems, wife kicked him out, they live only a few miles away.  He also says he has someone to take George's room, which would be great if there wasn't a lot of searching to find another tenant.  With all of those rooms filled up, this house will pay for itself during the summer including extremely high electric bills which is the goal: not to have to spend anything from my paychecks once I move.

So yeah.  Tried to figure out a stopping point in advance, like a little beyond midway there, so around 700 miles.  Odessa. The price of a hotel in Odessa is outrageous, to put it mildly.  $100 for a Motel 6?!!  I'd sleep in my car before I paid that much money to sleep in a Motel 6!!  They go $39.99 to 50's range around here.  But I did find a deal on priceline for a 3 star hotel at 60 - I almost pulled the trigger.  But I wondered if I would actually make it that far in one day?  I know I CAN, that's not the point.  I haven't been on that long of a road trip in a long, long, time. Maybe I should just drive 500 miles the first and second day and finish it out the third morning.

Unfortunately, I am not going to leave things the way I wanted to, Mark will have to deal with it.  The trash cans are full already and more to throw out.  Though it's not "trash" trash, just stuff that I don't want.  Extra sheets and towels and things like that.

I'll be happy to - have a place to myself for a while to be honest.  I may not be spending a lot of time at it but I will have some privacy from people for however long I stay there and that will be nice.  Just me and Duke. Well actually Duke on weekends, I may leave him over at her house on weekdays so he has a big yard to run in and another dog to hang out with.  I don't really want him spending entire days alone.  He's never had that before and I don't think he would handle that too well. Just like new guy is out here when I am.  Not the end of the world but the lack of quiet time sometimes gets to me.

Well whatever, 4 days!  That's not much time!  Thank God I got that room rented out, though, I needed the extra funds.  Hotel room, leave enough money on power reader to last the rest of the month and a few bills plus gas money.  Kinda cutting this down to the wire on finances, that car ac and getting it fixed was the killer  Otherwise I would be $800 ahead of what I am right now and wouldn't even have to worry about this.

Enough. Time to be off to work.


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