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Well I am finally here.
Drove nine hundred miles yesterday and three hundred fifty today.
Ate nothing but less than a handful of chips this morning on my way out the hotel, there was absolutely nothing nearby to be able to buy anything so I just go on the road, stopped for fuel and that is ALL I stopped for.
Got here around four thirty = whatever the time zone here is called, no clue actually - hugged held and kissed my hopefully soon bride to be and then went out to eat with her, came back with pizza for the kids, took off over to new dwelling place and spent the last several hours getting moved in and set up over here.

Yes, I am exhausted.  I am beyond exhausted, I am just plain dead tired.  This is a really nice little living unit for the money.  A small bedroom with big closet, a full kitchen and living area next to it and a good sized bedroom. It is WAY out in the country.  You would never just happen on this place, that's a fact. I am going to have to get the address cause&…