Sunday, May 18, 2014

Well I am finally here.
Drove nine hundred miles yesterday and three hundred fifty today.
Ate nothing but less than a handful of chips this morning on my way out the hotel, there was absolutely nothing nearby to be able to buy anything so I just go on the road, stopped for fuel and that is ALL I stopped for.
Got here around four thirty = whatever the time zone here is called, no clue actually - hugged held and kissed my hopefully soon bride to be and then went out to eat with her, came back with pizza for the kids, took off over to new dwelling place and spent the last several hours getting moved in and set up over here.

Yes, I am exhausted.  I am beyond exhausted, I am just plain dead tired.  This is a really nice little living unit for the money.  A small bedroom with big closet, a full kitchen and living area next to it and a good sized bedroom. It is WAY out in the country.  You would never just happen on this place, that's a fact. I am going to have to get the address cause' I know it is very possible I may get lost trying to find this place on a return trip.  At the same time, it is only ten miles from her house, the drive is on open country roads so sixty mph, it is a twelve minute drive over here.  I know cause' I timed it.

I have yet to meet the owner, she lives in a house about a hundred feet away and is going to come to have me sign lease agreement - month to month - and discuss rules and such.  Well she is getting back home in about half an hour.  I was going to take a nap but now it's too close to her arrival, I'll just stay awake and probably just try to stay awake until around eight and then go to sleep for the night and hope that there isn't anything about this place that I can't get used to for sleeping purposes.

A pleasant surprise I did find was that there already 2 satellite dishes mounted on the rear of the structure.  Dish Network dishes but I have found they will work for Direct TV.  I don't have a TV over here yet but I have my box and that's all I really need besides my remote which is packed away

Well anyway, I'm laying here drowning in fatigue.  But I have to meet this lady and sign whatever and show her a few things about this place that are pre-existing conditions.


Lady showed up, looking for more money.  Had no understanding that I had to pay a deposit and then pay rent when I got here.  She wanted a full month from today, I said how about we go pro-rate for the month and then full month starting on the 1st.  I don't ask for deposits for people moving into my house but I don't hold it against her.  So anyway, that didn't take huge bite out of available finances since it is already the 18th.  Her rules, I asked: no smoking or drinking! lol, okay!  No other rules or if there are she didn't mention them cause' I like to know that stuff up front and I like to tell people moving into my house that stuff up front so there are no misunderstandings.

It will be an interesting week because m'lady is working every day this coming week and I will be watching the 3 younger ones plus trying to get stuff done around her house.  The place is a disaster - again.  I cannot believe some of the stuff those kids do in that house. She has no control over them, they simply won't listen to her.  Seriously.  They will just walk off or even stand there and defy her!  That shit is going out the window.  Good luck them getting away with that crap with me.

Several unknown factors going here. including my new work place.  How is that going to pan out.  How will it go over having to drive 45 minutes to and from work plus 10 hours of work a day?  How will the kids respond to my demands to clean up the house and keep it that way? Or discplining them for trashing it? Or implementing new rules since they don't want to listen, such as anything left on the floor will simply disappear?  Just a lot to digest here.  Give me time, I'll sort through it, figure things out, walk through things, etc etc etc.

I intend on spending this week off work going to town on that place and yes, I intend on forcing those kids, even the little ones, to help clean it up I don't care how much fuss/fight/crap they put up, it's gonna be done. Summertime almost here, they ain't gonna be sitting around doing nothing, there will be lists of things to do every day until we get that place straightened out and fixed up. Money will be an issue on the fixing up part, oh well.  We'll do what we can as we can do it. We're talking an almost 7,000 square foot house that needs paint, flooring and a lot of repairs to walls, plumbing, windows, doors, etc etc etc.  It's an older home over 40 years old, but it's brick and it's something I can do given enough time and given good help.  Or bad help turned good, lol.

Enough for now. It's 8:25 Phoenix time but it's 10:25 here and I have to be up at 7 at the latest to be over there in time for her to leave for one of her programming jobs.



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