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Long day. Got up at 5:45, got over there around 6:40 - had to get everything situated here before I left - got over there, drank some coffee and then  went to work.   Made the 7, 9 and 10 year old work with me for as long as I could keep them going before they started the whining - which was several hours worth. Took them out for chicken, got a haircut, a few other things and then went back to her place and back to work.  It's important to me to make the most of this time this week and do what I can and hopefully but a good dent into this nonsense.  
I mean, wow.  Just amazingly bad.  Where do you start? I always start with the kitchen, but I didn't want to spend ALL day in there so I got a lot done in it and then started on the living room and also re-cleaning the boys bathroom -- I spent hours in there last time scrubbing the entire thing walls, floors, tub, toilet sinks/counter and expected them to keep it clean.  
But I knew that was a fairy tale because I wouldn't be …