Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Forgot my gun.
Walked down to the pond to find the dam we had built had been so over run it pretty much destroyed it and that with a lot of concrete and tell rods driven into the ground.  But I know what I did wrong so next try I'll get it right.  Cepting' for one thing.  I'm looking at the dam and darn good thing I didn't step on it cause' my eye caught something coiled up, sitting there frozen, not moving.  Water Moccasin.  I know what they look like, seen enough pics of them.  I would have shot the thing - that's what they do in these parts when they see such snakes - kill them off - but I didn't have my gun with me.

Well it was me and the 3 little ones and I like to get them out of the house and walk around and look at things and just enjoy nature.  They already love doing that so it's all good with all of us.  I just got the kids out of there, come back again with a shotgun and blow the things away - there were two of them visible, Lord only knows if there were more lurking. I am going to have to re-do that entire dam meaning moving all of that stuff but I sure as heck ain't fooling with highly poisonous snakes that can do you a world of hurt in one, swift motion.

We had fun regardless.  Just didn't want to keep little kids around that environment and I would rather go down there alone with ear protection on to shoot them things and for the safety of those kids.

Anyway, we went to Denny's and to Walmart and returned Josiah's tux that he rented for the prom. Due back yesterday, he forgot to take it with him to school to return it and by the time he got home and informed us? Yeah, too late, tux place closed. Today? He was supposed to take the thing back....yup got a text from him after he got to school  - damn, I forgot my tux.

Whatever.  Took it in stride, took the thing back, the lady was nice, said no problem on the late fee, I won't charge it.

Lots and lots and lots of other stuff today as well.
So I just pick and choose what I will discuss on the blog, otherwise it will go on forever, which it already does but we're talking FOREVER.

But there is another teenager in the house that his - issues - as well.  I started with him yesterday - clean your room.  Got it about half way done yesterday. He just stops, messes with something, etc etc etc.  Taking forever.  Today? Same thing but this time I went in, sat down on the floor and supervised. I'm gonna get this done regardless of what it takes but when it comes to cleaning a room? Kid better do it.  This one will take off and disappear if you don't just watch him and stay on top of him.

2 hours of this.  He would stop, laugh hysterically and really goofy at something that was either not funny at all or very slightly humorous.  Getting anything done was tantamount to raising the Titanic.
I need not go into all of it, just a teenager acting goofy and not wanting to do anything. After it was all done and several hours later, he was out there asking to help.  I had asked m'lady to see if brake lights are working cause' the blinker going 5 times as fast as normal which ususually means a bulb is out. Turns out neither brake light is working and only the center one!  I had him help - and realized after that he is just looking for some attention and he will get it however he can.

Sat and talked with m'lady for a long time outside over freshly cut grass - yes another boy I told to get on lawn tractor and mow down all the grass around the house today.  And another one to finish the project he started yesterday - which coudn't be finished til' today.  The youngest boy I didn't ask to do anything, he worked half the day and I was satisfied with that, time for other boys to step up.

That's it. Just don't feel like writing anymore, it's late here - big issue trying to adjust to two hour time change - 8:30 my time in Phoenix, 10:30 here and I have to get up early - here time - to watch kids while she goes to work.  Just saving her a few hundred dollars on babysitting plus gel time, get to hang out with the kids and start building relationships.

Anyway, I"m done.



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