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Forgot my gun.
Walked down to the pond to find the dam we had built had been so over run it pretty much destroyed it and that with a lot of concrete and tell rods driven into the ground.  But I know what I did wrong so next try I'll get it right.  Cepting' for one thing.  I'm looking at the dam and darn good thing I didn't step on it cause' my eye caught something coiled up, sitting there frozen, not moving.  Water Moccasin.  I know what they look like, seen enough pics of them.  I would have shot the thing - that's what they do in these parts when they see such snakes - kill them off - but I didn't have my gun with me.

Well it was me and the 3 little ones and I like to get them out of the house and walk around and look at things and just enjoy nature.  They already love doing that so it's all good with all of us.  I just got the kids out of there, come back again with a shotgun and blow the things away - there were two of them visible, Lord only knows …