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My gas bill is going to go way up and going to putting a lot more miles on the car.  Twenty-two miles of driving to get to her house and back.  But the drive to Shreveport is going to be around one hundred miles round trip per day, five days a week.  I was putting about 130 miles per week on my car, now it's minimum 500 and that's just going to work and back.

That in itself may be enough catalyst to find something closer to home.

The only pic I sent through UPS showed up today - totally trashed.  Glass busted out and pic itself ruined.  This was not the prized dog pic, I brought that in my car, I wasn't about to take a chance with that thing.  No great loss on this pic, really, it is completely replaceable but it's about a $300 pic with the special no glare glass, frame and pic itself.  Fragile written on both sides, do not lay flat printed on the side and the special styrofoam corners installed with the strap to hold them in place.  The styrofoam corners were still i…