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Well a couple days since I last updated.
Scrubbed down a bathroom yesterday, which took - a lot of time - and got nothing done today.
Excepting rounding up the cows in a pen.
I figured out how to get them up from 1,000 feet away and into the pen - make a lot of banging noises and have some feed ready for them every time you do it and eventually - they come a running.


Got busy last night.  As I figured, boys would want to be coming over on weekends to hang out and play video games and all of that. I am kinda letting them sleep in a bit here cause' I have a full work day planned out for all of them and I don\t really want to hear about how tired they are all day long.  When I say a full day, btw, I mean a full day.  Each one of them has a laundry list of things to do and I expect them to be done.  Mom is backup - I can't spank them but she can and she does a damn fine job of it.  2 older ones don't need spanking, in fact, only…