Sunday, May 25, 2014

Well a couple days since I last updated.
Scrubbed down a bathroom yesterday, which took - a lot of time - and got nothing done today.
Excepting rounding up the cows in a pen.
I figured out how to get them up from 1,000 feet away and into the pen - make a lot of banging noises and have some feed ready for them every time you do it and eventually - they come a running.


Got busy last night.  As I figured, boys would want to be coming over on weekends to hang out and play video games and all of that. I am kinda letting them sleep in a bit here cause' I have a full work day planned out for all of them and I don\t really want to hear about how tired they are all day long.  When I say a full day, btw, I mean a full day.  Each one of them has a laundry list of things to do and I expect them to be done.  Mom is backup - I can't spank them but she can and she does a damn fine job of it.  2 older ones don't need spanking, in fact, only one of them I can think of would have to have threat of spanking.


Ummm, so full day done.  Yup, got started on this entry and then got sidetracked, time to leave, over to her house and kablaam.  I'm working and directing 6 kids, do this, that and the other thing.

I give up.  I have tried to get an entry done and I keep getting sidetracked. I am now at my apartment, Sunday night.  Just go through with a rather intense conversation with Josiah about the situation that happened last Saturday - that went on all day long and seemingly had no end and got worse and worse and worse by the hour.  The scenarios included an attempt to grab a gun; jump out of a van going 50 mph, cutting (one's own flesh with a knife) and more.  Have things changed that dramatically since I arrived?  According to him they have and has no such thoughts.  I simply replied that time will tell.

Tomorrow Memorial Day and then - start my new job in Shreveport. How that is going to go is anyone's guess.  But it's the same company, the same division, the same product though different distributors apparently so get used to different manufacturers, the same job description - well actually much less to start with - just drive a truck and deliver the product. No clue.  I am not nervous about it as I have been repeatedly asked.  Maybe I would be at a new company and not know the company's way of doing things and all of that, but here?  Corporate dictates how things are going to go at the local level at all branches.  But, I already know the place is trashed.  It is a veritable hell-hole.

Whatever.  I have 4 kids over here and it's late - every night has been late and that will have to change tomorrow night as I will have to get up early and start 10 hour days. I suppose fortunate that the work day starts at 7 - gives me time to get some coffee and not have to get up too terribly early for a 45 - 50 minute drive.

That's it for now, time to be off to sleep land.



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