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Here we4 go.  Only in Texas?  Some businesses use flashing red and white light like on a cop car apparently to attract business. ......and red lights that seem to take forever.
  Driving through Marashall, TX some beautiful mansion style brick homes. Plus a sign that says Shreveport, 35 miles.  Nice, rainy day, streets empty this early.  I don't think I will mind the work to work so much as I will not be liking having to drive that far to get home and wasting that much time on the road when I could be doing other things.

I left duke at m'lady's place and probably will overnight during the week.  It would add another 20 miles of driving every day to take  him over there every morning and leaving him atmy place is pretty much out of the question.  Not only because a huge chunk of fence that would need repaired but also leaving him there alone for 12 hours at a stretch, he wouldn't do too well. Over at her place a coulpe of other dogs to keep him company when everyone…