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Day three of new work. Unsafe, that's what i will call thiat place.  The whole place is a disaster.  That's pretty much a one word way to describe it.  But their trucks and the way they load them.  Yikes.  All kinds of straps with large cuts in them - totally illegal by DOT standards.  Broken fenders and quarter panels and then they load trucks with pallets that are either not shrink wrapped or not sufficientyly wrapped to eliminate the possibility of "load shift", ie: things falling onto the highway.  They don't keep the trucks clean on the inside, just filthy and garbage laying all over.  They are not receptive to new ideas, n ot that I have pushed myself on that, just made on small suggestion and they said no, that wil take too much time.

No, it will save you a lot of time and you won't  have to wrap the pallets the way you are doing now, which is totally inefficient.
Other drivers don't seem to care, in fact, doesn't bother them at all.  But it b…