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So I walk into the shop this morning at work and ask if there are any deliveries.  I'm pretty much out of the loop as far as what is going where at this point.  I just do whatever they want me to do.  The dude says yeah - in  pure Cajun voice - and then shows me on the map.  ??? Well that looks like a pretty long run!  He says yeah it's down there a ways.  2 stops - neither of them close to either other, but well down south.

This run took me on back country roads through small towns and all kinds of scenery. the likes of which I haven't seen in ages.  Narrow, 2 lane highways.  Strange traffic patterns and completely different ways of doing things on the streets than anywhere else I have been. Well, coming around a curve out in the middle of nowhere, I see a semi truck - coming directly at me.  Yup, this guy was completely on the wrong side of the highway for unknown reason and approaching that curve --- and me --- fast.  I was halfway off the road and in the grass before …