Monday, June 2, 2014

So here we are, Monday, day one of work week done and over with.
I did not finish the last entry but posted it anyway - a lot has transpired since then.
It isn't anything that I will go into on a public forum accessible by anyone, just to say that the issue is resolved and moving on.

There are a lot more issues that need to be resolved and undoubtedly fresh ones will come up as the clock ticks.

But getting a call yesterday that the AC wasn't working at the house - in Phoenix - was too much.  We got to the bottom of it - the blower motor wasn't working.  Well, a blower motor is a lot cheaper than a compressor and all that has to be done installing one, so at least that much of a sigh of relief.  Eventually, after numerous phone calls back and forth and finding out a bunch of other junk going on over there - right after I left - the issue was resolved from the neighbor behind my house who came over and determined that wire was loose on the motor and simply put it back on and that was that. $35.  Not complaining, I know how much a service call is and how much AC companies charge.

Other issues were one tenant wanting to park his tow truck in my driveway and cut down a tree to be able to do so. Thankfully, Mark told him he was neither cutting down the tree nor parking that thing in my driveway, thanks. George apparently turning down the AC during the day.  Also running several computers, monitors, printers, etc etc etc in his room.  He works from home. Had no idea he was running all of that, explains my electric usage.  He's going to have to pay for that electric usage and Mark and Lynnette will have no problem letting him know that. But, he and Susan are at Susan's mom's house basically for the next 2 months so I am not going to concern myself with that right now.

And Mark deposited the rent money today.  So at least they are doing what they said they would: manage the house.  They won't do it like  I did, I hope they don't run anyone off, but it is what it is.

Life here is up and down and all around.  Good, bad and ugly.  All at once.  I don't have time to go into all of it, but I have touched on a lot of it here and there anyway.  The drive to work isn't that bad, the fuel used doing it - IS.

Ex contacted me on FB messaging and also trying to call me - calls I did not answer.  She unfriended me and then blocked me after telling me she didn't want to talk to me anymore - just completely out of the blue.  This is the kind of thing that used to happen in our marriage and it was maddening.  I don't know what changed her mind, I just said fine, I'll talk to you, I didn't cut her off, she cut me off.  It never even crossed my mind to do that, we were being civil with each other and that was good since we are going to be in Heaven for all eternity, might as well learn to get along here.

My son is now in the Philippines.  And island on the southern region of it.  I'm so proud of him.  I just can't put into words the joy my son gives me for the path that he has chosen in serving the Lord our God.

Well that's it, it's a bit past my bedtime and I need to get to bed.



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