Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Long work days mean no time for everything that needs to be done after work.  But, no choice.  Had to get my oil changed and then found out I have a bad wheel bearing.  The mechanic had the car well up off the floor and showed me the play - yikes!  Then he showed me the tire! Whoa! Cords showing! That tire ain't even that old, that bad bearing is eating up tires.  Well I ain't paying them $300 to fix it, I'll buy the wheel hub and install it myself on Saturda6y.  Get a used tire if i can find one tomorrow after work.

They want to charge me $150 for labor and $150 for the part, so eliminate teh labor charge and cut the cost of a wheel hub by at least $25 I am guessing since shops inflate those prices as well and walaah.  Pain in the but, not what I want to spend Saturday doing, but I am not rich and I have to cut corners where I can.  It's 7 pm and I am not even hlaf way home from work.  Was trying to take care of some other business as well.

I was, however, happy to find out what's wrong with the thing.  I have had it into a couple of shops getting oil changes and they never figured this out.  It's been eating up front tires for a while now, though not this bad aor this fast.  I was also glad to see that damaged tire - BEFORE it comes apart and causes a lot of problems.  Not happy, I guess, wrong word, finding junk wrong with your vehicle is hardly afun experience but it is something I can fix, so that's good.

In the world of m'lady and her kids, always something going on.  Josiah texting me today asking for gas money. The kid burned through his paycheck buying clothes and providing his girl with junk food and drinks when she was over on Sunday. He gets paid on Friday but doesn't have enough gas to make it till then to get to work.  School is out for the summer for all of them.  2 of the boys left on a road trip the day after school was out and are with their dad in North Carolina right now. Returning next week. Anyway I'm giong to loan the boy money, ain't giving it to him for nothing and tell him if it happens again, he's on h is own.  One would think saving enough money to pay for gas to get to work would be on the priority list, about the time he figures out he can't make it that will be when it sinks in.

Well anyway. I have to ask about where places are at when I am handed a delivery ticket or a pickup purchase order for anywhere that doesn't have an address on it.  Remember I am working in Cajun country and people talk pretty - interesting - over there.  So this man that works the counter also pretty much tells the drivers where to go.  He says things to me and I just look at him. Huh?  You turn on sheeeeee ellllll street. With considerable Cajun twang mixed with ethnic twang. In other words, unintelligible. Yes, you can figure out what he meant but what I spelled here, but in person? How he speaks? Good luck. Shell street. I asked him to spell it out. Ohhh, okay, thanks.

In reality, I've had that man and everyone else that works out in the yard busting up with laughter.  I don't believe in workplace morbidity, let's have some fun. This dude? Has a belly laugh like you have never heard before.

Time for bed.


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