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It suddenly popped into my mind out of the blue.
I don't need to buy expensive carpet, tile or wood flooring.
Concrete etching, staining and sealing.
I dunno why this didn't come to me before.  Of course.  It is a lot of work but in the end it looks great and is a fraction of the cost of any of those other types listed above.
In other words, a doable proposition.  

Well I don't have to etch it, apparently staining it is pretty good looking too and much less work than etching it.  I dunno yet, not in the position to do any of it.  Hoping to get some more paint and get the dining room done.  It's huge.  All of the bottom floor rooms are huge in the house.  The living room is 1,200 square feet, that's the size of a small home. I mean, I have ideas about that living room, it is way too large and could divide that thing in half and make a movie room out of one half and the other half the extended kitchen/eating area.

I dunno. It's not my house and so making decision…