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I was dreading this morning.
Electronic transfer of funds from my company to my bank account.
How much would it be?
In fact, I lost some sleep over it last night.
Woke up in the middle of the night and yes, I could have gotten up and come out and got on the computer to assuage my fears - or sit here in panic and wonder what the freak I am going to do if it isn't enough - but I was just plain afraid to.

I knew the 2 hours every single day of OT would cover it, but you pay more taxes on OT than regular time.  I mean, I figured out what they did with my pay.  They reduced the hourly wage to the point that I would still get the same amount of pay with 10 hours as I was with 8.  I had no choice if I wanted to get out here and get a new life started and get rolling with this.  I mean, there are other options, yes, but this was the easiest.  No looking for a new job, already know the job parameters, WELL acquainted with the product and what is expected of me.

To the point of making sure…