Monday, June 16, 2014

Mondays can always be really bad days at work.
Today? Bad for the contractor I was delivering to, great for me!
I got to the site - well I had to park the truck in the roadway on a 2 lane highway effectively blocking one direction of travel - got out, talked, they got their machine and then? Found out it had a flat tire. They called the mobile tire repair truck and waited.  And waited. And waited some more.  I called my company, no way am I sitting out there that long without them giving me approval to do so.  Cause' honey? It took 4 hours for those people to get there and fix that tire. I probably slept for an hour and a half sitting in the truck.  It felt good, too.

After all that stuff we did on Saturday, it just got me good.  I was so tired after that day and the work week before it, I still wasn't feeling anything close to rested this morning, even after doing much of nothing yesterday/Sunday. Well I take that back. When I got there yesterday, I cleaned up the kitchen, got the kids working on cleaning up their messes and then went to church.  After church I came back and inspected the mold covered wood to see if it had dried yet - which it had not. That water heater must have been leaking for a long time for that wood to be that saturated.  Oh wait a minute, after church we went to McDonald's and got dollar menu stuff.  Bought a small fish tank for 2 of them on Saturday and then set that up yesterday.  It caught up to me around 1 or 2 so I was invited to go to a bedroom and crash for a while, which I did.  Got up, kids left for dad's house, we went to a restaurant and spent some time alone, without all those kids around.  That was nice : )

Today, after that fiasco at that jobsite, I was sent to the great state of Alabama.  Pick up some HDPE pipe from a distributor's yard and upon returning - late after everyone but one dude had gone home - found out I am taking it to Dallas tomorrow. 384 miles - well probably over 400 apparently Dallas isn't really where it's going, somewhere near there but beyond it - of driving bliss for a round trip.  I'm sorry, HDPE is High Definitely Polyethylene pipe.  It's probably the most durable pipe to be found anywhere on the planet - and the most expensive. I have dropped huge bundles of the stuff off the side of the semi - on purpose - from 10 feet up knowing it won't damage it.  The pipe is fused together with a fusion machine, basically a glorified heat welder.

Didn't go to her house today. Too tired, plus got off late and would have had less time to spend there plus I have to get up early.  I mean, earlier than normal.

Ummm, lots more.  Lots.  I just don't have the energy.  Long days.  Not that I hate it, but my body is worn out.  My mind is saying go to bed even though it's only a little after 8. Whatever the case, I can't write anymore today.


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