Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Quick entry.
Tuesday morning, just before leaving for work.
The 3 teenage boys getting into things yesterday while
m'lady was at work.  Even with a "nanny" at home,
though she doesn't expect her to have to deal with some of this
stuff.  I dunno why, that nanny is getting paid pretty good,
deal with some of this, please!  I can only do so much and that
is only when I am there.

One of them broke into her closet, again, stealing candy and money.
2 of them refusing to do anything around the house, not even 10
minutes worth of chores.
I can't go into all of it for a variety of reason, just it's a situation
that I need to put a lot of prayer into and ask God what is next?
Them boys will listen to me - I don't tend to take no for an answer
and I don't put up with the BS.  Just do it, get it over with and keep
the comments to yourself.

Well whatever.  Headed off to work early.  Pretty good drive
coming up to Dallas and wherever else they were going to have
me going today.  That should pretty much eat up the entire work
day, which is why it makes me happy.



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