Saturday, June 21, 2014

I just walked through the door to my house.  The significance?  I left here at 5:55 am and it is now almost 10:30 pm.  I'm flat worn out.  I mean, I have no intention of getting out of bed before 9:00 am.  Well maybe 8, but certainly nothing earlier than that.

I was exposed to this region's version of hot today and hot it was.  Only 100 degrees but the humidity was very high in Shreveport.  I only had one run today and that was pretty short lived.  The rest of it was working in the heat.  I'm not really complaining, once you start sweating and as long as you keep drinking plenty of fluids, pretty much okay.  Just don't go inside in the AC at all or as little as possible.  But - it does take it out of you.

It's become glaringly obvious that what I am dealing with when it comes to trucks and most of these people is pure and plain ignorance. Not using that word as an insult, just a descriptor of the situation there.  Management has no clue about trucks and what is required.  This is pretty common to find management in charge of a fleet of trucks big or small not really knowing mucho of anything about them. The semi trailer has two serious problems: bald tires and non-functioning brakes.  Well the brakes work, but they are worn out and if you get the truck rolling and then hit the trailer brake bar - nothing happens.  That is a serious violation that would get the truck put out of service.

I brought up the tires today, I will bring up the brakes next week. I am not driving that vehicle next week but that doesn't excuse me from dealing with it because the other drivers - are not.  The "senior" driver said he knew about it for a while now - the brakes and the tires.  He claims he has said something to them about it, but it's clear that one individual in management doesn't want to hear about it and that - is extremely bothersome.  How do you justify putting off having bald tires and non-functioning brakes on a tractor-trailer rig in having it fixed - immediately - when you find out about it?

I've decided that I am going to refuse to drive it until they fix it.  Every other driver should do the same thing.  A DOT official could actually throw a person in jail for knowingly driving a commercial vehicle that is in such a bad state of repair.

Enough of that.  I went to bed late last night before even finishing this entry. Was too tired. Then I got a text at midnight from Josiah - he was heading home from work.  Then another from the tracker at 7:30am. Oh, yes, he has to take the trash out to the curb.  It's - not close to the house.  Then yet another text: I'm leaving.  Where? Gf.  You didn't clear this with me (he asked the other day but didn't specify when) and did you ask your dad (he's supposed to be with him today along with the rest of his bro's/sis's). Uhhh, I forgot.  Now we have a problem.  This went on for a while.  I'll give him credit that his attitude is definitely getting better.  Not that I haven't been telling him repeatedly that if his attitude stays good, he gets more freedoms.  If it goes south, he gets a leash put on him.

Anyway, I am tired.  Just worn out is more like it.  10 hour work days and getting home late, getting up early - taking it's toll on me.  I don't feel like doing anything today, but m'lady's water heater project isn't going to get finished with me sitting over here watching John Wayne movies.  But I am going to finish watching the one I am watching right now before I head over there : ) But no kids, which isn't all that great because I keep them working all day on Saturdays. They have every other day of the week to do much of nothing since it's summertime and they are out of school.

Which reminds me, another problem child  Serious situation.  I am not, unfortunately at this point, there enough to deal with him.  Actually he has serious spiritual issues and this is not something that will go away any time soon as long as the boy (will remain unnamed) doesn't want freedom from it.  Point? Causing mom a lot of grief.  Again, no easy fixes here.

Anyway, enough for now.



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