Sunday, June 22, 2014

Almost 8 hours.
Hours and hours worth of using a grinder with a wire brush wheel attachment getting mold off of wood. Wood and drywall installation.  Tape and mud. Paint. Screws.  Look for this, look for that.  Allllllllllll day long.  But, it is finally finished - well not entirely but the brunt of the work is definitely done.

That house had been smelling like mold for months.  I had no idea where it was coming from and neither did she.  Only because the Dish Network guy came out and had to get into the closet where the water heater is did we find out what was going on. I had to do the job right. Mold is bad.  But this was even a worse scenario. that water heater was in the same closet as the air handler for the central AC system.  No wonder the house smelled like mold, the AC unit was right there, pumping it throughout the house!

Around 18 total man-hours addressing the issue. A few more things to do - a couple hours worth probably - but the worst of it is over. As far as dealing with that house? This wasn't even on the books. This was a totally unknown situation but took complete precedence over everything else when found out.  The house is ever so slowly beginning to change.

I'm slowly coming to a sense of when a marriage could actually take place.  I'm guessing Fall. I'll leave it at that for now.


Didn't finish entry last night.  Owner of property I am staying at came up to me yesterday and informed me that she is having the property appraised and then she is selling it. She said it could be a month, several months, who knows how long until someone makes an offer on it.  Wonderful.  Except the price of the rent - I think it's a bit steep for what it is - I like this place.  Out in the country, literally.  The nearest store is 12 miles away.  No noise pollution unless you believe that horses make unnecessary noise, lol.  Fresh clean air.

So, do I start looking for a new place? lol

Next project in that house is the master bedroom.  You wanna talk about the biggest bedroom I have EVER seen.. I mean, I could cut the room in half or even thirds and have a living room, bedroom and kitchen and LIVE in that room without need for any access to any of the rest of the house!  It's huge! There is no flooring in that room, soooo, that is going to be a project in itself. Determining what kind of flooring and then coming up with the bucks to actually do it will be - well just have to pray about that one.  Meanwhile,  the paint in that room is unbelievably - ugly.  One of m'lady's older kids was going to use it as a hangout place for teens and they were painting it and doing all sorts of stuff with it - until that backfired and she was kicked out.  Long story there.

But the color paint they chose? No way.  Dark blue and they were going to paint the floor black!  Yuck! The bathroom, well it needs a lot of work too.  Tile has to be taken up and replaced. No shower in there, just a tub, I don't take baths, haven't since I was a kid, smelling pretty good right now.  No, I just like showers.  Dark, not enough lighting in there.  Just don't like it.  The sink/counter has been trashed by those kids, that will have to re replaced as well.

Well anyway. Sunday morning. Chilling in front of the TV watching Cahill, U.S. Marshall. Wayne one of my favorite actors of all time.  Going to m'lady's in a while and then off to church, back to her house, hang out for the day - kids still gonna be at ex's house - watch some movies, just hang out.  I'm not working today excepting to push a broom and do some general cleanup over there.  Yesterday's near 8 hours was enough for me.  5 days of 10 hour workdays coming up, I really don't need to be exerting myself too much on a Sunday.

Well, time to be off.



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