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Almost 8 hours.
Hours and hours worth of using a grinder with a wire brush wheel attachment getting mold off of wood. Wood and drywall installation.  Tape and mud. Paint. Screws.  Look for this, look for that.  Allllllllllll day long.  But, it is finally finished - well not entirely but the brunt of the work is definitely done.

That house had been smelling like mold for months.  I had no idea where it was coming from and neither did she.  Only because the Dish Network guy came out and had to get into the closet where the water heater is did we find out what was going on. I had to do the job right. Mold is bad.  But this was even a worse scenario. that water heater was in the same closet as the air handler for the central AC system.  No wonder the house smelled like mold, the AC unit was right there, pumping it throughout the house!

Around 18 total man-hours addressing the issue. A few more things to do - a couple hours worth probably - but the worst of it is over. As far as dealing …