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So that's that.
Get that trailer fixed and that will be the worst of the problems done with in that yard.
I just don't understand why a new person has to come along and be the bad guy to point out all this junk?

I expect to have a conversation about this with the manager at some point very soon They want to know why people don't say anythin g about this stuff, I can pinpoint it pretty quick: fear.  Don't rock the boat. Don't make waves. Just do what you're told. You know it ain't right but you will be looked upon in a negative light for bring such things to management attention.

But the Department of Transportation takes precedence.  They give more reason to say something than not.  If you are caught out there driving a truck with inoperative brakes on a commercial vehicle, they can do all KINDS of things to you and put you in a world of hurt.  Not only that, but if you get fired or get trouble from mangement about saying such things, there are laws in plac…