Saturday, June 28, 2014

So here we go. My laptop died. I mean when I try to build it up it starts running for about five or six seconds and then shuts itself back off, drive down about 2030 times and decided Yep it's dad.

My only connection to the Internet at this point is my iPhone. My desktop computer isn't bad, but I have no way to hook it up to the Internet. We lady said last night I could hook it up through the iPhone with the power cord with USB on one end and the iPhone connector on the other didn't do it but I couldn't get it to recognize that it was a Internet connection.

I don't really want to spend the money on monthly Internet service is just another monthly commitment of money that I don't have a can't afford and don't want to pay anyway. Though being disconnected from the world like I feel I am right now I may end up changing that story. Though the iPhone is great, it has such a small screen I just prefer much preferred to use a computer with a big screen on it. I am using the microphone to make this entry and I am not going to proofread this entry, so if there are unintelligible sentences appointment on the microphone.

 It may very well be that on craigslist I could possibly find an old use laptop that will suffice for now so that I can at least get my entries on and get on Facebook and check out the things on the Internet then I like to check such as craigslist and such. But I no longer live in the Phoenix area and I have found that Craigslist down in these parts is pretty Spartan on much of anything. In other words, there isn't much posted there is some but not that much, I also try Shreaveport craigslist and then as some as well but put it altogether and it still isn't even a fraction of what I can find for Craigslist in Phoenix.

Another option I may very well try is to put a card in my desktop computer to access Wi-Fi off the iPhone and see if that will work. They don't have fries electronics in these parts and I apparently it's only mom-and-pop shops that you can get electronics parts that.    what that means is it's probably pretty expensive to find computer parts around here. Yes I could order one online but to get this done quickly I am going to have to try to find something answer to the situation soon.

So life goes on. It's Saturday morning getting close to 7 o'clock and I was informed yesterday that I have to come into work as well as everyone else to complete the biannual physical inventory counts. Dragging myself out of bed this morning was like dragging a dead body to the more I simply did not want to get out of bed. Two of the kids were over as well they wanted to come regardless of the fact that they would have to get up as early as I did to go home because they can't stay there alone they're not old enough for responsible enough to watch themselves. Allegedly it will only take 2 to 3 hours since this is now the second account. The first count you just do the inventory count everything, the second time to try to figure out what is wrong with counts better off according to the computer system.

A first for me since in the Phoenix area they do not allow drivers to do inventory and it's not something I wanted to do anyway because you got no overtime for it. Any overtime that you God you had to give up during the coming week and take a day or however many hours off to compensate for it. That isn't true here, whatever hours I get in today I will be keeping it's all overtime which is good because I'm driving clear the heck in there and back and that's a little bit of money) itself so that they had to at least pay for itself in fuel.

The point is however, I am feeling like doing absolutely nothing today. Meaning when I get off work there is a very good probability that this weekend? I'm not going to do anything but cleaning chores and those kids will be helping me right along with me. Or I suppose I could make the kids work since half of them haven't been there for the last two weekends and have done little of anything around the house. They will pay for that, especially when mom is trying to give them to do things and they are either refusing or just aren't doing it.

The only person that gets a pass is Josiah. He is working a job for the summer which is keeping him out 10 1112 hrs. a day, and the last two days he came home after doing all that amended brush hogging out in the pastures. The reason he was doing that is so that he could have his girlfriend over today and not have to work while she is there. Allegedly he did to entire pastors in the last two days which is no small amount of work I won't have to inspect it myself. Be put in the effort to get it done and so I'm going to let him have her over today, but, there is a catch.

Mom is not feeling well and was puking last night so I am not going to have her watching teenage boys and girls while she is sick. That means girlfriend cannot come over until I get there. I already informed him of this last night he was probably not too happy but oh well so sad too bad. She will be able to have plenty of time over there today regardless so I'm worrying about it. Not that I wouldn't worry about it anyway LOL.

I'm almost definitely decided not to work today at the house. I promised attending the 13-year-old that we would  go get some fish for their new little fish tank and I was not able to do that last weekend with them because they were at their dads house. I don't mind giving them their fish as I promised to do, but at the same time they are going to work today I do believe. I tinzaparin watch TV LOL, while they are working away.

Just don't know yet. I was also going to go looking at some fishing gear that is advertised online and I just don't want to leave the kids at home while mom is sick. I don't know if she will want to come with us or to stay home and rest. Hunting and fishing are on the brain, I may not know how to hunt that well and definitely would not know how to field dress a dead beer or hog, but I definitely know how to fish and how to clean a fish including hunting instead of cutting off Gilsan things and scaling them and cleaning out their guts and all that good stuff.

Something that they have out here that I never heard of before, i'm sure everyone else has, our deer lease is. Apparently you can pay a landowner however much money to have exclusive rights to hunt whatever dear may be on the property. That is something that I am very interested in, but I have no idea how much it cost. In the here and now I am going to get a fishing license and some fishing gear and go fishing with whichever boys or girls would like to go.

Speaking of money, there is too much to do here and too little money to get it done with. I am contemplating taking out a Nother 401(k) loan to be able to do some of the things that need to be done. I was also interested in buying a good used ATV to ride around on the property. It is unfortunate but true that she had text to post things that seem to be related to having fun. She has heard that ATV/4 wheelers are dangerous and therefore neither I nor the kids should have access to one.

Although technically that's quite true, so is everything else we do in life. The absence of the ability for those kids to do much of anything fun over there is half the problem. I remember growing up and my parents dictating that we could neither have guns for hunting nor motorcycles for having fun. I'm more than made up for that after leaving the house by having street bikes and riding dirt bikes and writing three wheelers quite frequently.

The idea that I should live my life in fear of what may happen is not something that set well with me. Though I guess she is not as opposed to having dirt bikes for the kids instead of ATVs so I might get the kids one of those. They are much cheaper anyway.

On a different note, I would also like to take the family to either hurricane Harbor or Six Flags this summer. I'm more into water parks and roller coasters anymore because roller coasters pretty much make me dizzy after a while, and I haven't been online in a couple of years. Six Flags over Dallas is about 150 miles away, there is a waterpark about 3040 miles from her house but the price is almost as much as hurricane Harbor and it has much less to offer. 

Well I am almost at work so going to end this post. Just random thoughts going through my mind this point. I have no idea how many mistakes the microphone may have made, but I do know that sometimes it makes for some extremely entertaining reading.

Good day.


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