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So here we go. My laptop died. I mean when I try to build it up it starts running for about five or six seconds and then shuts itself back off, drive down about 2030 times and decided Yep it's dad.
My only connection to the Internet at this point is my iPhone. My desktop computer isn't bad, but I have no way to hook it up to the Internet. We lady said last night I could hook it up through the iPhone with the power cord with USB on one end and the iPhone connector on the other didn't do it but I couldn't get it to recognize that it was a Internet connection.
I don't really want to spend the money on monthly Internet service is just another monthly commitment of money that I don't have a can't afford and don't want to pay anyway. Though being disconnected from the world like I feel I am right now I may end up changing that story. Though the iPhone is great, it has such a small screen I just prefer much preferred to use a computer with a big screen on it. I …