Thursday, August 7, 2014

Very little of it that I consider "free" at this point.  Days are consumed in their entirety.
Concerning work, I have completely cleaned out the F550.  It's a ford pickup on the front but on the back it's a 17 foot long flatbed with duallies. The interior of the cab of that truck was disgusting.  The first time I got into it - well it was revolting, it was that bad.  Filth, grime, dirt, spilled whatever and trash all over the entire interior of the that truck.  I get switched around from truck to truck every where. One week the F550, the next week the straight truck (heavy duty 10 wheeler) and the next week the semi.  I cleaned out the 10 wheeler but I didn't do anything on the F550.

The reason is that I was afraid that I would clean the thing out and then?  Other drivers would just trash it out again.  But, this week, I couldn't stand it any long and scrubbed the entire interior of the thing and it is a pleasure now to drive in it!  I know that next week, the driver that is an absolute pig will be in it and then after that - well whoever, whatever.  When I finally get back in that truck again and if it's trashed out, I am going straight to the manager, who handed out a paper today with directives on it which included "keep the cabs of the vehicles clean".

Yes, it is an issue with me, a big one.  When you are driving in a filthy vehicle all day long, you take no pleasure in it.  You get into the thing and it just feels gross.  Especially a vehicle in that bad of condition.  I went through rolllllllllls of papers towels cleaning it out.  I was doing it at stops when I had a minute here and there.

Anyway.  I didn't get back from yesterday's final run until 6:20 pm.  I mean, I knew that run was going to keep me out late but it turned out even later than I expected because of issues with traffic (I-20 in Louisiana there was a 5 mile back up going from 0 to 5 mile speeds the entire way - when I finally got to the source of the problem, it was a bridge that was having new concrete poured and workers were all the way into the lane we were driving in, mean everyone was slowing WAY down), an issue finding a contractor's - house I found out at the end.  This and that.

It's odd but at the same time enjoyable really to be driving out on those country roads out in the middle of nowhere with thick, dense forests EVERYWHERE.  That is no joke. I walked into it the other day to - go pee lol no bathrooms around and had been holding it in too long - the denseness of it was astounding.  The humidity is a different story.  But I am dealing with it, just have to start sweating to feel cool again.

Issues on the home front as on tenant is giving - hell - to my caretakers and both they and I have had enough. I am going to text him and ask him to leave.  If he refuses, I will send a 30 day notice of eviction and hope he leaves without me having to take him to court, cause if I have to do that?  Uhhhh, yeah. Fly back to Phoenix to deal with a tenant issue.  Gag.

That's it, it's late, gotta git to bed.


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