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The end of another weekend and facing another week of - whatever - at work.  This weekend's "stuff" consisted of a lot of bickering between Josiah and his mom - all 3 days actually I think they got into it - about a myriad/large assortment of things.  Nothing new under the sun here.  Saturday morning, though, I was wasted tired.  I just couldn't get moving.  I had some of the kids over and they didn't care if they went home or not anyway so I just laid in bed until - 10:00 pm?  I think, finally got up, still dragging and just finally got over there at around noon, lol.

But yes, we did get to work.  There is a huge amount of stuff to be done over there, sometimes figuring out what to do is somewhat daunting because there is SO much, what takes priority over what?  But since we had started the stairwell several weeks ago, it was time to get with it and finish the trim.  Meaning putting up a 20 foot 2X12 from the top of the stair well over to a ladder leaned up agai…