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Talking with a co-worker today.  He is unhappy with the pay.  In fact, all 3 other drivers complain about the pay frequently.  Yes, it is not very good, I totally agree but they are making even less then  I am.  I mean, I am not going to work for this kind of money forever.  Yes, I am getting a little bigger paycheck than I used to but I am working 2 extra hours and then some each and every day to get it.  I replied to him that I have been encouraged to find a job in Longview and I am considering looking.  If I am going to work 10, 11, 12 extra hours a week, I want to see that on my paycheck as extra not as gee, I got what I used to get at 8 hours.

"Beeeeen (that's how the black folks always say my name),  ever since you started working here I have been all happy that you are here! I won't blame you for going and finding another job somewhere else, but the workload has been greatly reduced off both Tony and I since you came here!  You have made us all happy!".