Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Talking with a co-worker today.  He is unhappy with the pay.  In fact, all 3 other drivers complain about the pay frequently.  Yes, it is not very good, I totally agree but they are making even less then  I am.  I mean, I am not going to work for this kind of money forever.  Yes, I am getting a little bigger paycheck than I used to but I am working 2 extra hours and then some each and every day to get it.  I replied to him that I have been encouraged to find a job in Longview and I am considering looking.  If I am going to work 10, 11, 12 extra hours a week, I want to see that on my paycheck as extra not as gee, I got what I used to get at 8 hours.

"Beeeeen (that's how the black folks always say my name),  ever since you started working here I have been all happy that you are here! I won't blame you for going and finding another job somewhere else, but the workload has been greatly reduced off both Tony and I since you came here!  You have made us all happy!".

I'm not patting myself on the back, but I learned at an early age a good work ethic.  I also learned that if you want better pay, go above and beyond for it.  That contradicts two driver's philosophy that I am working too hard and I must be getting paid a lot versus them not getting paid much and therefore doing whatever the hell they want and taking their sweet old time about things.  You should hear the scoffing directed towards me as they see me thoroughly cleaning out the cabs of the trucks.  I refuse to drive in squalor and filth, these trucks are DISGUSTING.

I'm going to start looking around the area for whatever is available.  I don't see a lot online, but I have found that the good jobs are usually not posted online, you have to go out and find them.  My BIG problems is if I quit my current job and I lose some crazy good paid vacation hours.  At least in my opinion they are, 151 hours per year.  That's only 9 hours short of 4 weeks paid vacation per year, plus 3 floating holidays, 3 personal days and 5 sick days not to mention 6 major holidays, no weekend work and generally good management.  I'm telling you, if they would up my pay I would consider staying and just deal with it.  It doesn't take long to get vacation hours back up, especially with that much overtime which also counts towards vacation pay.

I'm in no hurry to make the wrong decision, so I'm just taking each step as I see to take it.

Waiting to hear whatever from IRS about tax returns I sent in - 3 years worth.  3 grand worth as well.  My paperwork arrived in the Philippines,wait and see what's going to happen with that.  Josiah in a reported serious car wreck today, apparently he pulled out in front of someone and basically totaled the work van he was driving.  Not sure why a business owner would allow a 16 year old driver who just started driving drive a work vehicle, that doesn't really make any sense to me.  If that business owner knew what I know about how Josiah drives, he definitely would not let him drive anything.  Josiah is okay, thankfully, but some lessons to be learned.

That's it for today!


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