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Been  sick - or down - or whatever - since Saturday night.  Extreme fatigue, as in, no energy to do much of anything.  Just laying around sleeping.
Went into an emergency care place yesterday and had a barrage of blood tests done.  The results today were negative on everything that had come back so far, still the thyroid and testosterone ones yet to come back.
I have been off work yesterday and today.  Spent Sunday night at her place at her insistence, she was worried and I didn't really have the energy to be staying by myself without any help if needed so I caved in on that one.  Just came back tonight.  I intend on going to work tomorrow - unless I simply cannot drag my butt out of bed tomorrow morning.  I have plenty of sick hours available and if that weren't true, I am back up to 91 hours of vacation time available.  But yeah, I had 49 hours of sick leave available as of Sunday night, subtract 18 from that and I still have plenty left.  I just don't like taking too m…