Friday, August 29, 2014

Microphone entry. Meaning there will be errors and not going to fix them. Three day weekend coming up. Tomorrow will be workday, Sunday a trip to hurricane Harbor and Arlington, Monday probably barbecue and four wheeling.

I figured to get close to a full days work out of the kids tomorrow considering the opportunities that lie ahead and having fun and not having to do anything. At least that's my take on it if you can get them to work a whole day give them a day of fun afterwords. Very much want to start on the master bedroom bathroom. The tile won't have to be torn out of it as well as the bathtub and at least one wall.

The countertop in that bathroom was destroyed by older teenage kids that were going to turn that room and another one into some sort of party place for kids to come to. Somewhat this main considering that particular countertop is pretty much a high dollar set up as was the rest of the house when I was originally built. Replacing such things with other high-quality material is not exactly a cheap expenditure.

The cabinetry and there is also high quality craftsmanship, but those are not trashed and all that needs is a good paint job. It will undoubtedly take quite some time to renovate that bathroom but it will be well worth it. It is currently yellow including the bathtub and the tile has a crack running through in about 8 to 9 feet long. Personally I cannot envision coming into an ugly yellow bathroom every morning to take a shower to get ready for work.

Hurricane Harbor was a good night D at first, but then a serious issue arose that made it seem to be not such a great idea after all. However, the damage was done the kids knew about it and it would've been very disappointing for them for us not to go. I was, in fact, opting to go to the lake for reasons and I simply cannot go into here. Weather hurricane Harbor is going to be a fun trip for a total disaster remains to be seen. Again, for reasons and I simply cannot going to be here it's personal business.

I am guessing the kids will have fun regardless of what happened so I suppose it won't be a total loss anyway. As for tomorrow's work I demand that they do some work at least for five hours of it to get some stuff done around the house and show that they really do appreciate the amount of money and the time and the effort and the energy it's going to take to take them all over there.

Frankly I would've demanded the work regardless. Mud we have some toys now which is also helping to motivate them greatly. In fact the motivation from these toys is far more than I expected that it would have been terms of motivating them to get stuff done. These kids are extremely bored because there is is not that much to do at this place. TV is restricted to the point that there is no sense in even having satellite television in the house. A straight authoritarian dictatorship is obviously not having the intended effect that those that are in acting it intended it to have. Much to the opposite, it feels feelings of presentment and I anger.

But who am I to say anything? 

It's Friday another five hours of work and the three-day weekend does begin. It is always unfortunate that it seems like three-day weekends go by so quickly. Like they never existed. Be that has it maybe it is definitely welcome to Monday Tuesday morning will get here quick enough but definitely would not be on my mind during that time.

I wish I can say that I'm settling into some kind of groove in living my life over here but so far that isn't happening. Long work days followed by visits have me up early and I have me  home late. The problem is that there is not enough time to get everything done that needs to be done, much less time to get things done that I want to get done. 

A nice compromise at work would be at least a couple of days where I can get off early, but then the bills wouldn't be mad because I rely relay on the overtime to make up for the lack. The only real alternative to getting my life back to some hours that would give me more free time would be to find a new job somewhere. Though I am considering and it isn't necessarily something that I really want to have to do.

Meanwhile, the place that I am running apparently the woman that owns the land has put the sale of it on hold. I guess she was informed that if she did a number of upgrade she would get exponentially more money for the land and property and housing etc. which is good for me because I don't really feel like moving.

Just an update on things and I haven't done on the on here in a while, I am doing much of my journaling on a different site at this point.

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