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Microphone entry. Meaning there will be errors and not going to fix them. Three day weekend coming up. Tomorrow will be workday, Sunday a trip to hurricane Harbor and Arlington, Monday probably barbecue and four wheeling.
I figured to get close to a full days work out of the kids tomorrow considering the opportunities that lie ahead and having fun and not having to do anything. At least that's my take on it if you can get them to work a whole day give them a day of fun afterwords. Very much want to start on the master bedroom bathroom. The tile won't have to be torn out of it as well as the bathtub and at least one wall.
The countertop in that bathroom was destroyed by older teenage kids that were going to turn that room and another one into some sort of party place for kids to come to. Somewhat this main considering that particular countertop is pretty much a high dollar set up as was the rest of the house when I was originally built. Replacing such things with other high-quali…