Thursday, September 4, 2014

Something that I have literally always wanted since I was a kid were dirt machines - bikes and back then 3 wheelers - to play around with and have some fun with.  My parents were totally against such things as well as guns. So, we didn't learn how to hunt or use guns when growing up and any kind of motorized off road vehicle was strictly prohibited.

One thing I insisted on before I even came out here was that i was going to buy some 4 wheelers and we are going to have some fun with them! Coming out here, for me, this was mandatory.  And in the last 2 weeks, I have scored twice on 2 of them that were priced well below what they are worth and today?  Aye yay yaiiiii!
I saw this thing on Craigslist and immediately sent an email to the poster.

Polaris 500, 4WD, in excellent condition, $1,500.  Are you serious?  When he finally contacted me back, I was already headed to m'lady's house - with fully 4 conversations going on.  I got to her place and discussing a plethora of issues going on with kids and the house and then the dude contacts me.  We're headed that way!  We (just her and I) headed over there.  Upon arrival I took one look at that thing and thought: if this thing is in the excellent running condition that they say it is, I am buying it!

Sure enough. Took that thing for a ride down a nice long trail and wow!  I had already gotten a final price well below the $1,500 asking price.  This thing has high and low 4 wheel drive.  The handle for front brakes actually operates ALL the brakes, there is a pedal for the rear brakes but not necessary unless under extreme mudding conditions, lol.  The selling point for me is that it has been WELL taken care of and yes, this thing will haul @$$!

I am done with all of the 3 wheel purchases.  2 running - in great condition and one a project but confident I can get it up and going soon enough.

That was my "day" after work today.


Time for bed.


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