Monday, September 8, 2014

Today's musings.
Went to a job site.  Drove the semi onto the site as I have done before.  The top of the ground was dry, everything underneath it?  Mud.  Realized it too late and was stuck in clay.  I get the construction company to bring a dozer over and hook a strap up to it - no chains in the truck (retarded, what construction truck doesn't have chains?) and the strap broke.  Another man drove up in a pickup truck, got out, started cussing heavily.  Came up and started cussing at me.  I told you not to drive in here!  Blah blah blah lots of foul language.  I'm just looking at him biting my tongue.  I admit I have ulterior motives in not telling him to go shove it up his @$$, he has the equipment to get me out of there, otherwise we are going to have to call a wrecker to come and drag it out of there at big bucks.

The man says he doesn't have a chain, but then says he does have one - at the other end of the jobsite but refused to go get it - not that I asked, i was ready to knock his teeth out for the way he was addressing me and took everything in me not to do that. I usually do not take such s*** from people at jobsites.  I will get in the truck and drive off - which I couldn't do! lol.  Told me I would have to get someone to come out and bring a chain.  I just looked at him. Probably was glaring, actually.  He took off, I made the phone call. Send someone out with a chain, this guy has one but won't bring it.  Set off a firestorm I found out later, I am not the first person he has cussed out, in fact, he cussed out the manager last week.  Salesman said screw the idiot, he can go to our competitor.

Regardless, I got out of the truck after that and started digging out in front of the tires. Not the first time I got a truck stuck and undoubtedly not the last, not with the places we go to. I saw that I could get the thing unstuck and went at it post haste.  Digging like crazy, get all the mud out of the front of all of the tires on the tractor and the trailer and I should be able to get the thing moving again. That guy can go - jump in a lake putting it very mildly.

Next thing I know, I hear a truck pull up and a voice saying something.  That dude, undoubtedly,  on the other side of my truck, I completely ignored him. Just kept digging.  He came around to my side of the truck but I had already moved to the other side, I am NOT going to tolerate his SHIT, if he was to mouth off to me again, I would have let him have it, nose to nose, right in his face.  Instead, he had brought a chain and was going to pull it out!  What the freak.  Seriously, if you had heard the way he was cussing at me and yelling, you would have had the same reaction. I NEVER spoke an ill word to the man.

He pulled it out, I drove to another place where they wanted to unload, got that done, the guy came back and profusely apologized to me. Okay! Thank you for pulling the truck out!

Moving on.  Over at m'lady's house today.   I have a new weapon, lol.  The kids and the 4 wheelers.  Yup.  Clean your rooms, keep them clean, get up in time for school, don't give lip service no attitude, etc etc etc.  Okay, it's not a weapon, just a useful tool.  It's working at least for now.  Until they get bored with them.  If they ever do, who knows.

And now?  Too late for me.  Time for bed.


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