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FedEx Driver Runs Me Off The Road At 75 MPH!!!

Driving to Val's house after work today. 75mph speed limit so yes, I was going 75mph. I'm passing a FedEx semi - it's tractor with 2 28 foot pup trailers being pulled behind it. I'm right next to the tractor when - this truck starts coming over into my lane! It didn't stop either, in a flash it was almost entire over and where was I? In the median, flying through the grass at 75mph! I'm honking my horn the dude finally moves back over, and no he wasn't passing anyone, there was no-one on the right shoulder, he was just plain spacing out.

 This guy could care less, either, doesn't pull over to see if anything's wrong, just keeps on cruising right down the interstate. I get behind him and call his company. We're sorry, yada yada yada, we are going to contact his manager. And then what? The front end of my car is shaking now and I want compensation for any damages. Well we send it to the manager and then they - do whatever. Extremely unconvinced tha…